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    A Q&A with Daisy and Kate of Lung

    Lung are taking their operatic, art rock, heavy, driving sound on tour, consisting of Kate Wakefield (electric cello/vocals) and Daisy Caplan (drums). Though this is their first extended tour as Lung (July-September), neither Daisy or Kate are new to making music. Daisy has been a member of several Louisville, KY and Cincinnati bands for over a decade, including Babe Rage (drums) and, the highly successful, Foxy Shazam (bass) and Kate has made a name for herself as a solo artist, looping layers of cello and vocals to great effect. They are on tour through September and have a full-length album coming out on November, 17th.

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    The Luv’d Ones are a Band to LUV

    The story of most original ‘60s garage bands is that of languishing in at least relative obscurity during their original existence. It is not until music nerds, interested in the esoteric genre that is garage rock, collect, compile, and attempt to propagate these bands’ work from decades past that any attention is paid. Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets comp, the re-birth of the Sloths (through the auspices of Burger Records), and the now global consciousness of Death from Detroit are a few glorious notable instances of this bittersweet phenomenon.

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    Wedding Planning with Ancient Warfare

    I met up with my good friends Echo Wilcox and Emily Hagihara of Ancient Warfare at the 21c Hotel in Lexington to chat with them not only about their band but… wedding planning! As of January, the rockin’ couple is engaged and plans to be wed in October of 2017. Echo and Emily met pre-Ancient Warfare in Lexington. Originally, Echo asked Emily to play bass for Ancient Warfare and when she found out she played drums, she asked her to play with the band. At this point in time, Emily had studied percussion but hadn’t played drums for a band yet. “I didn’t have a drumset so I practiced on…

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    We Are Hex Members Form New Band

    I was hanging at the Northside Rock n’ Roll Carnival this weekend when I saw Jilly from We Are Hex with a posse of dark rockers fly past me. I grabbed her with excitement and said, “What are you doing here?!” I was very upset when We Are Hex broke up the last time but never to fear, Jilly is in a new cool band called Service (name might be temporary). The band is a five piece that draws some similarities to We Are Hex but is a fuller, more rock n’ roll sounding band! I don’t have too many details to report at this time but I loved Service.…

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    Introducing Birdie Hearse

    It is with great excitement that I introduce my project, Birdie Hearse. Although I’ve already released music on bandcamp, Dose of Forever is my first official release. Playing with me on the 6 track EP is Sam Cowan on lead guitar, Jerri Queen on rhythm guitar and Chris Faulkner on drums (I play bass and sing). It was recorded and mixed by John Hoffman and Jerri Queen, mastered by John Hoffman and recorded at Scott Beseler’s Lodge in Dayton, KY. I present the single “(Set Me) Free” from the forthcoming EP Dose of Forever. To celebrate, Birdie Hearse and SMUT will be playing a release show January 15th at Junker’s (aka The…

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    Sarah Greenwell of Gymshorts

    Sarah Greenwell, frontwoman of Gymshorts, loves telling jokes. In fact when she was little, her mom would take her to the local bowling night, “I was a tiny blonde girl that would tell dirty jokes to all the old men.” Meeting Sarah this past March I was immediately amused by her goofy jokes and band of similarly light-hearted guys. Gymshorts was formed in 2012 with lead guitarist, Devin Demers. “We wrote songs and tried to find a band for a year.” Sarah was living in New York and commuting to Providence, RI for the band. “I like driving and some of the songs I wrote came from the commute.” In…

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    A Manifesto

      Women in Rock. I’ve struggled with that title for over a year now. Feminism, something I was once so passionate about, has of late been a struggle for me. First and foremost, I am a musician. I refused to be recognized as a chick drummer or any of that shit. I write songs, I’m a drummer, I’m a bassist, a guitarist… a whatever. But whatever that is I am a musician. What I want is gender equality in the music world. I am an extremely fortunate human. My parents placed me in piano lessons at six. When I wanted to play percussion in 5th grade, they didn’t say, “No, girls don’t play drums.”…

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    Ancient Warfare on the Release of Pale Horse

    Ancient Warfare exudes a Southern Gothic air in the most elegant way. Today, they release their debut full length album, Pale Horse.  Formed in Savannah in 2009, Echo Wilcox moved to Lexington, KY in 2011 where the band gained Emily Hagihara (drums), and Rachel Yanarella (violin). Most recent addition, Derek Rhineheimer (bass), has been with the band for over a year now. Echo says that over the years, “Ancient Warfare’s sound has evolved from a simple instrumental composition to a more fully realized band.” The development of Ancient Warfare is very apparent onstage and comes across with the release of Pale Horse. When asked about the theme of the album,…

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    An Emotionally Broke Playlist for Those Tired of Winter

    Well it’s that point in the winter where things have gotten worse instead of better. February is almost over and instead of warmer weather and hope for spring, we’ve gotten a tone of snow and colder temperatures. For those of you getting stir crazy and depressed, I have compiled a list of songs that may express how you’re feeling. 1. “Runs in the Family” by Amanda Palmer– For those of you with SAD or family inherited depression issues. Or perhaps you’ve spent too much time stuck inside with you relatives. Amanda Palmer always knows how to make you feel a little edgy. Watch the video here. And if you’re bored…

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    Shilpa Ray…The #1 Reason to go out on a Monday Night

    When I first heard Shilpa Ray, I was the music director for UC’s student radio station, Bearcast. The perk of the position was getting new music sent to you daily. A lot of it was bad, a lot of it I was indifferent to, but sometimes a gem fell into my lap. Shilpa Ray was the best gem of my entire 3 year stint as music director. The CD that was sent to me on some rainy Monday was Shilpa Ray’s Teenage and Torture. I loved the cover, I decided to give it a listen. I was definitely not ready for what I heard. Rock and roll with melancholy and yet so…