• Song of the Moment

    “My Boyfriend” by Oh Susanna

    Oh Susanna recently released a new album, A Girl In Teen City. The Canadian songstress, Suzie Ungerleider (Oh Susanna) has used A Girl In Teen City to tell the story of a teenage girl growing up in Vancouver in the 1980s. The album explores common teenage escapades... falling in love, getting drunk, cruising around town, attending rock shows, loss and teenage heartache.

  • Song of the Moment

    “Zenobia” by Veseria

    Veseria is a band that hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. “Zenobia” is a single off their third studio album, RLTVTY, out July 29th on Romanus Records. This track definitely reminds me of Shilpa Ray from Her Happy Hooker days. It’s an awesome driving rock n’ roll song that shows off frontwoman, Jen’s, super strong vocals. “Zenobia” is a very catchy and intrigues me to listen to the rest of the album. Veseria is made up of husband and wife duo, Jen and Patrick Roberts as well as bandmates, Cory Lusk and Kyle Perkon. The band started in 2010 and as adorably enough, their first show was at Jen and Patrick’s wedding reception! The cool thing…

  • Song of the Moment

    “What’s Her Name?” by Smoking Martha

      It’s amazing how my music taste changes with the seasons. In the winter, I’m all doom and gloom but as soon as it’s nice outside I want to listen to catchier more upbeat tunes. The second single by Smoking Martha definitely takes me back to summers when I was in high school. “What’s Her Name?” is slightly reminiscent of Gwen Stefani/No Doubt or The Vincent Black Shadow, the right amount of heavy riffs with pop quality vocals. Smoking Martha of Brisbane, Australia is fronted by the dynamic Tasha D. Their debut album, In Deep, will be released at the end of May . This band has already toured with big names…

  • Song of the Moment

    “Birth Control” by Reformed Whores

    It’s safe to say there’s nothing quite like Reformed Whores around right now. Described as a “filthy musical comedy duo” Reformed Whores sing terribly catchy country songs drenched with raunchy humor. “Birth Control” from their debut album Ladies Don’t Spit provides a little ditty on the importance of birth control. And the music video is a treat to watch as well. Their sophomore album, Don’t Beat Around the Bush was just released in March. Their quick wit and skill as musicians brings country music to a whole new level. You can catch these outlaw ladies at MOTR Pub this Wednesday, April 5th.

  • Song of the Moment

    “Shadowplay” by Velvet Kills

    I always listen to Joy Division when it’s cold out. With the sudden climate change in Cincinnati from 75 degree to 30 degrees in the span of about 12 hours, I was definitely in need of some cold weather music. Velvet Kills, the sleek electropunk darkwave band, does a really badass version of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay.” The European two piece on Θʀ⊿cu⌊⊕ ʀ⋵cøʀɖs adds a sexy spin to the post punk classic. Velvet Kills are put together in such an elegant manner that everything they do exudes style. The video that accompanies their cover is definitely worth watching.

  • Song of the Moment

    “Bat Thing” by Castration Squad

    Happy Halloween, my little spooky friends! In honor of this dark day, today’s song of the moment is “Bat Thing” by my favorite deathrock band, Castration Squad.  Castration Squad was a lovely group of ghouls from California featuring Shannon Wilhelm (vocals), Mary Bat-Thing (vocals), Tiffany Kennedy (keyboards), Alice Bag (bass), Tracy Lea (guitar) and Elissa Bello (drums). And… it was quite the supergroup! Mary Bat Thing went on to be Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave and we all know and love Alice Bag (our Women in Rock issue 001 covergirl). Also, Elissa Bello had a brief stint drumming in the Go-Go’s. Check out their rendition of “Wild Thing.” They’ve altered the…

  • Song of the Moment

    “Kingdom of Rain” by The The & Sinéad O’Connor

    Collaborations are so cool, especially when done well. It brings two great and maybe unlikely combinations together for one badass song. One of my all time favorite duets is “Kingdom of Rain” by The The and Sinéad O’Connor. It was released on The The’s 1989 album, Mind Bomb. “Kingdom of Rain” is super sexy. Matt Johnson and Sinéad O’Connor’s voices work perfectly together, it’s a really great pairing. And, it’s kind of a haunting song, the perfect love song for October… because it speaks of dead love.

  • Song of the Moment

    SOTM: Alabama Shakes, “The Greatest”

        Brittany Howard — the big, beautiful lead frontwoman and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, whose 2015 album Sound and Color is a masterpiece of brilliant, erm, sound and color — rocks. Just listen to this fun, rockin’ freak-out showcasing Howard’s soulful voice and brilliant riffs.     Now listen again, this time to a bluesy live version that switches up the pace (plus, check out Howard’s awesome glasses!). She is THE GREATEST!

  • Song of the Moment

    “Last Disaster” by Night School

    “Last Disaster” by Night School is the exact kind of song I want to listen to in this heat. It’s enjoyable, light and the perfect addition to any summer party mix. The guitar tone is perfect and the vocal harmonies add a full sound that creates a great pop song. “Last Disaster” is well written and produced. Night School’s new album, Blush, came out earlier this month on Graveface Records. Their slightly doo-wop sound is perfect for fans of Agent Ribbons and Best Coast. Check out the video for their single “Last Disaster!”  

  • A Little Slice of History,  Song of the Moment

    Two Peter Gabriel Songs Improved by Kate Bush

    If I had to use one word to describe Kate Bush it would be mystical. She’s mysterious, she rarely performs live anymore. And, her image is that of a fairy. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush collaborated multiple times, Kate Bush appears as a guest vocalist on quite a few of Peter Gabriel’s songs and I would say her voice adds the mysticism that both “Games Without Frontiers (1980)” and “Don’t Give Up (1986)” needed. The first time I heard “Games Without Frontiers” I was absolutely struck by the lyrics and backing vocals. The song is telling stories about what I would imagine to be children playing games. It seems so innocent then…