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    Interview with sludgegaze band WIPEOUT’s Cassie Tucker

    Wipeout – Optic Nerve (Official Video) from Cassie Tucker on Vimeo. Take a bag of glitter, your favorite sugary cereal, and cavernous pedals–crunch it by hand all together in a mixing bowl, and you have the Baltimore band Wipeout. The sludgegaze music of Cassie Tucker and Kayla Goldstein walks a line between hauntingly cinematic and playful glee. And with one single and an album out–the 2017 ripper titled Milkbird recorded by Alex Zhu–Wipeout shows no chance of stopping. I found the band through tattooist Tucker’s visual art on Instagram (@sllackula), which instantly drew me in: neon colors everywhere, psychedelic creatures and humans, and childhood nostalgia tinted with cheeky evil. I…

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    Mommy Dearest: A Playlist about Motherhood

    With Mother’s Day weighing heavily on my mind this year (what do you buy for someone that gave you the gift of life?), I pulled together this playlist of my favorite rock–or very close to–songs about motherhood. Either from the perspective of children or mothers, sorrowful or joyous, this playlist brought me a lot of comfort as I navigated what to do for the woman who gave me everything. 1. Tunic (Song For Karen) by Sonic Youth Penned as a retrospective ode to The Carpenter’s Karen Carpenter, the song doubles as a fiery anthem for daughter’s everywhere with the lyrics ‘Hey mom! Look I’m up here, I finally made it/I’m…

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    Blondie’s Parallel Lines

    How we attach ourselves to music is based on how we come across it, and who or where we are when we first hear it. For a long time I didn’t get Blondie. Awhile back I picked up a copy of Parallel Lines. For a few days it was the only record I wanted to hear. It was the right time and the right context. I’d like to take some time to share with Women In Rock why Blondie and this record are so important in the history of punk, women and my life as an audiophile. I started buying records around 3rd grade. I listened to the radio and…

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    Simple Machines: The Wheel featuring The Juliana Experience and The Holy Rollers

    Looking back on my life I feel I was really lucky to be who and where I was in the early nineties. I was in my early twenties and tapped into the D.I.Y. punk scene. I was part of a volunteer run record store called Network in Dayton, Ohio. My life was records, bands and zines. It felt like my friends and I were creating our own culture. It was the time of Riot Grrrl and Queer Core and the doors were wide open for everyone. There’s certain artifacts in my seven inch collection that I go back to over and over again and they still hold up. I like…

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    Embracing Destiny; Bebe Buell on New Album and Life as a Musician

    Bebe Buell has been on my radar for awhile as one of the coolest women in rock. I connected with her a few years ago when she was developing a band and a new live show called Baring It All. Now, she has released a brand new album that pretty much tells the story of her life; Baring It All: Greetings from Nashbury Park. Bebe Buell has been living it for years. Her career started when she moved to New York City at 18 to model under contract with Eileen Ford. She was highly successful but was immediately drawn to the rock world frequenting Max’s Kansas City and CBGB. She…

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    Screaming Females in Ink and Bronze

    All At Once is largely about the importance of art; the lyrics evoke color and line and material in a way that had me Googling artists and pondering the risks and rewards of painting and being painted, seeing and being seen.

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    Up and Coming, Emma Hern Releases First EP

    Emma Hern of Nashville, Tennessee got her roots back in Richmond, Virginia. The singer/songwriter first found her voice when she was 14 years old. “I went to a very hippy, crunchy granola high school and we had this [open mic] that was outside every Wednesday and Friday and kids would do slam poetry and sing. When I was in 8th grade, some of my friends convinced me to go up there and sing and one of my teachers heard me and came over and promptly told me that I was in a band with them and rehearsals started next week.” From there, she started performing in bars and venues in…

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    Artist Profile: Angela Perley

    Angela Perley, of Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons, always exudes coolness. She’s dressed in paisley bell bottoms, leather jacket and red hat for a gray day Monday interview at the Fox in the Snow in Columbus, Ohio. On a daily basis, the full time musician looks nothing but the part of a 70’s musician who just happens to be stuck in the 21st Century. Angela’s dad introduced her to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tom Petty and others that inspired her love of music. She attended Ohio University and dove deeper into folk, blues and country music which makes perfect sense because her music is rock n’ roll with an alternative…