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    Brittany Howard. Thunderbitch.

    by Theresa Kulbaga Brittany Howard may be my very favorite contemporary woman in rock. I’m a long-time fan of the badass band Alabama Shakes, having written about them before for this magazine. And when I learned that Brittany Howard was embarking on a solo project, I was sold on the idea well before the album was done. Released in June 2019, Jaime is an album that showcases Howard’s powerful songwriting. The first track, “History Repeats,” has been nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance. Maybe it’ll win. (In 2016, Alabama Shakes earned four Grammy nominations for their album Sound and Color and won three…

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    SOTM: Alabama Shakes, “The Greatest”

        Brittany Howard — the big, beautiful lead frontwoman and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, whose 2015 album Sound and Color is a masterpiece of brilliant, erm, sound and color — rocks. Just listen to this fun, rockin’ freak-out showcasing Howard’s soulful voice and brilliant riffs.     Now listen again, this time to a bluesy live version that switches up the pace (plus, check out Howard’s awesome glasses!). She is THE GREATEST!