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    A Q&A with Daisy and Kate of Lung

    Lung are taking their operatic, art rock, heavy, driving sound on tour, consisting of Kate Wakefield (electric cello/vocals) and Daisy Caplan (drums). Though this is their first extended tour as Lung (July-September), neither Daisy or Kate are new to making music. Daisy has been a member of several Louisville, KY and Cincinnati bands for over a decade, including Babe Rage (drums) and, the highly successful, Foxy Shazam (bass) and Kate has made a name for herself as a solo artist, looping layers of cello and vocals to great effect. They are on tour through September and have a full-length album coming out on November, 17th.

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    Top Cincinnati Women in Rock Moments for 2015

    This year was really great for female musicians in Cincinnati, Ohio. It seems like the ratio of men/women musicians is finally starting to even out. Roxie and I compiled a list of our favorite and most exciting events that took place in Cincinnati featuring seriously talented Women in Rock. 1. The Comet in Northside designates an artist in residence each month to host weekly shows for the entire month. The role typically features new bands in Cincinnati and thrusts them into the spotlight among peers and enthusiasts alike. In 10 out of the 12 months this year, bands with females in them were chosen to be the venue’s artist in…