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    How to Get Through a Breakup: Some Advice from Ruby the Rabbitfoot

    Pop Musician Ruby the Rabbitfoot insists she is the “queen of getting dumped.” However, she has some great advice when it comes to getting through breakups. “My first piece of advice is to be patient with yourself because endings are beginnings. Do something really nice for yourself. Get a massage, pay for it. I’ve never gotten a massage and regretted paying for it.”   Suggested Listening for your post breakup days: Lucinda Williams– “Those Three Days” Alicia Keys– “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” Angie Stone– “No More Rain (In This Cloud)” Jessica Lea Mayfield– “For Today” Kid Cudi– “Pursuit Of Happiness” Dwight Yoakam– “Ain’t That Lonely Yet”  

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    An Indie Pop Dream; An Interview with Ruby the Rabbitfoot

    When I spoke with Ruby, she had just completed a performance on Adult Swim for Stupid Morning Bullshit. The band did a special performance of “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain. With the 2016 release of Divorce Party, it’s safe to say that big things are on the way for the charming, Ruby the Rabbitfoot. Originally from Georgia, Ruby’s grandmother had a piano so she was curious and drawn to music as a child. “When I got kind of serious was when I was 14 and my best friend wrote a song… it blew my mind that she could take a guitar and use three chords and write a song and…