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    In The Know– January 2016

    January’s In The Know captures a quick poll of “what do you admire most about other bands when watching them?” Catherine Elicson, drummer of Katherine says, “the ability to transform a room.” Abby Purvis, keytarist of Sour Ground and bassist of RAGE CVLT says, “Being all in- shoulders forward, chest out- concentrating- all out passion. Like raw power and guts.”   Make sure to stay tuned for February’s In The Know which is all about LUVVVVV <3.

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    Top Cincinnati Women in Rock Moments for 2015

    This year was really great for female musicians in Cincinnati, Ohio. It seems like the ratio of men/women musicians is finally starting to even out. Roxie and I compiled a list of our favorite and most exciting events that took place in Cincinnati featuring seriously talented Women in Rock. 1. The Comet in Northside designates an artist in residence each month to host weekly shows for the entire month. The role typically features new bands in Cincinnati and thrusts them into the spotlight among peers and enthusiasts alike. In 10 out of the 12 months this year, bands with females in them were chosen to be the venue’s artist in…

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    What Corin Tucker and Other Women in Rock Want For Christmas!

    I did a quick poll to see what Women in Rock want for Christmas. Here are some last minute ideas of what to get your rockin’ gal! –Hey, Sleater-Kinney fan boys and girls! Corin Tucker says she would like any of the Electro Harmonix pedals. –Ava Roberts of Black Planet and Sour Ground would like a Big Muff Pedal. Okay, I’m seeing a theme… Electro Harmonix pedals are the way to go if you’re going to buy your gal a pedal. –Emily Hagihara of Ancient Warfare would like a drum sampling pad so she can incorporate “more textural elements” to her band. –Jen Shagawat of Shellshag would like 5a Natural Pro…