• Song Playlist

    The Liza Colby Workout Playlist

    Liza Colby of The Liza Colby Sound was kind enough to put together a workout so some day we might look as great as she does. This workout is a magazine exclusive so order your copy today! However, here is her intro to the workout along with her favorite workout playlist! From Liza: “First lemme say if I never had to workout I wouldn’t. I would love to live my Rock and Roll life on a strict burrito, burger, taco, pizza, Chinese food, sour patch kids, starburst, skittle, haribo gummy bear diet. I do not have that luxury.  Vanity is a bitch. I’ll admit that being in a leotard a…

  • Song of the Moment

    “Aloha” by Elettrodomestico

    There’s a brand new band out that you need to check out. They’re called Elettrodomestico and it features Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s and Pietro Straccia. The duo released their debut album, If You’re A Boy Or A Girl at the end of October. The great thing about the band as portrayed in “Aloha” is their perfect mix of rock and electronic music. You get a slight electronic vibe in “Aloha” but it isn’t overpowering which makes the song a super catchy alt rock number. Wiedlin and Straccia met in Oakland, CA back in 2014 and formed the band after the Go-Go’s retired in 2016. It certainly didn’t take them long…

  • Artist Spotlight

    A Q&A with Kathy Valentine of the Go Go’s

    Kathy Valentine is a musician and songwriter and former member of the hugely successful and influential band, The Go-Go’s. She was the principal writer of hits “Vacation” and “Can’t Stop the World” among others. She was not only a member of the first all female band to write and perform their own songs and top charts but she was shortly a member of British band Girlschool in England, started the first punk band in her hometown, Austin, TX, before moving to LA starting another band, The Textones eventually landing in The Go-Go’s, and she hasn’t stopped.