This website includes information on the legacy and current happenings of female musicians and their bands. You’ll be able to find information along with album and concert reviews.


I attended the College Conservatory of Music and achieved a degree in Electronic Media as well as a Certificate in Journalism. I front the band Isabelle Helle and the Hell’s Bells as well as playing drums in Breaking Glass, Sour Ground and Black Planet.  I was the Music Director of bearcastradio.com for 2 years. As a passionate musician and music fan my goal is to make the world aware of the many talented Women in Rock. I believe the women in the music industry are just as important as the brave souls out there wielding guitars and think its important to highlight all women who have the deepest passion for rock. If you have any inquiries, are in a band that you would like highlighted or know of a great gal in the rock world, please feel free to contact me. My email is womeninrock.avidnoise@gmail.com .

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I find my motivation in the pursuit of raw pure beat and moving others to join in the same through music and writing. Towards that end, I earned a bachelor’s degree in literature with an education specialization from The Ohio State University and I now work for Cincinnati’s local creative education and literacy non-profit WordPlay Cincy. I’ve toured on guitar and vocals in sleazy garage duo The Jellyhearts, held down a mean and tender country bass line for The Glass Winged Sharpshooters. I’m presently honored to play guitar and belt it out in knuckle-draggin’ heart-rending western pulp blues-trash band, Pearl de Vere and to play drums in your favorite as-yet-unheard-of band, The Virginia Creepers. In my spare time, I teach rock-n-roll instrument and songwriting lessons. My story? Early on, I pounded on instruments and typewriters with my closest friends in a dingy basement. After distributing (and receiving) several poorly identified cassettes, scrawled homemade CDs, photocopied posters and stapled pages to (and from) fellow musicians and poets, we realized there’s no difference between a good gut-wrenching truth on a page or on a stage. That’s what I love and want to share now. I want everyone to feel the inspiration I get from the subjects of our posts and articles, and if I do my job right, I know I won’t ever famish for new stories to cover. I’m writing for you so that I can get to write about you next. Email me at roxielessons@gmail.com if you have any good leads! Thanks in advance.


Music is the first thing that my cognitive mind latched onto. In the eighties I discovered punk rock. Since then I’ve been a member of the D.I.Y. community. I’ve staffed info shops, played in bands and been a member of several collectives. I currently work as a tutor/educator in the nonprofit sector. What I’ve been consistently over the past few decades is a writer and a poet. I’m proud to be a part of the Women In Rock team. I look forward to sharing my love and knowledge of music with y’all and being able to write about some of the women that inspire me. Contact me at pospisilfrancis@gmail.com .


I am a writer, professor, and community warrior who works to amplify women’s voices and stories. By day, I study and teach women’s autobiography. It’s so interesting to think about how women understand and narrate their lives. I come to music with that same desire: to listen to women’s experiences; to hear the voice, the language, the sound a woman creates to describe the world. Amplifying and valorizing women in rock is important because women are so often silenced and devalued in our culture. What I’d like to do in this space is to highlight the women in rock whose songs have slain me, women who are as fierce as a Cleveland blizzard or as quietly bold as a cat padding through the snow. Women rockers are bold and tender, strange and funny, angry, loving, inspiring, and everything else. And I’ve always been eager to listen. If you have ideas or inspiration, feel free to contact me: theresakulbaga@gmail.com. Thanks for reading! ☺


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