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    A Country Music Appreciation All Thanks to Lucinda Williams

    I was never big on country music growing up… well aside from Johnny Cash because he is definitely a Krombholz family favorite. My dad, on the other hand, loves old country music and has been a fan of Lucinda Williams for a long time. I’m sure I’d heard her at some point or another growing up but I remember the first time I actually heard her. I was rewatching my favorite tv show, Alias, and the character Michael Vaughn goes into a dingy bar where “Righteously” is playing (Season 2, Episode 17 if you need to check it out). I remember thinking, “I need to hear more of this musician.”…

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    Them Are Us Too’s Kennedy Ashlyn Speaks on Bringing Amends to Light

    Them Are Us Too’s Bandcamp bio reads “femme 4 femme, sad 2 sad”, a description that summarizes the dreampop band’s sound perfectly. Their first Dais Records album, Remain, came out on March 24th, 2015, and the cult of TAUT formed around them. With Kennedy Ashlyn’s soaring, Kate Bush-esque vocals and Cash Askew’s reverb-drenched shoegaze guitar, they gifted endless femme energy to the indie rock world. Their music feels like unfolding a note from a high school friend about her deepest, darkest secrets—each emotion blown to cinematic proportions, inviting the listener to feel in ways they may have forgotten how. Tragically, Cash Askew passed away in December 2016 in the Oakland…

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    Interview with sludgegaze band WIPEOUT’s Cassie Tucker

    Wipeout – Optic Nerve (Official Video) from Cassie Tucker on Vimeo. Take a bag of glitter, your favorite sugary cereal, and cavernous pedals–crunch it by hand all together in a mixing bowl, and you have the Baltimore band Wipeout. The sludgegaze music of Cassie Tucker and Kayla Goldstein walks a line between hauntingly cinematic and playful glee. And with one single and an album out–the 2017 ripper titled Milkbird recorded by Alex Zhu–Wipeout shows no chance of stopping. I found the band through tattooist Tucker’s visual art on Instagram (@sllackula), which instantly drew me in: neon colors everywhere, psychedelic creatures and humans, and childhood nostalgia tinted with cheeky evil. I…

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    Pussy Riot: “Show Them Your Freedom!”

    If you followed the news coverage of the 2012 arrest and trial of three members of Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk collective, then you know that Nadia, Masha, and Katia are not the only women in the group, even if they are the most famous. Pussy Riot is one part punk music, one part performance art, and one part guerrilla feminism. Members refer to the band as “they,” refuse to give details about their activities, and perform in colorful balaclavas to protect their anonymity. They perform spontaneously and in guerrilla fashion in public spaces in Moscow, such as beauty salons, prison rooftops and, of course, church altars. Pussy Riot…

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    The Venus Flytraps: We Met in a Dream

    The Venus Flytraps (Cleveland, Ohio) chats with Women in Rock about animal language, biker bars, and wanting to do everything. Your first EP, Clamp Down, was released on Quality Time Records just last year. Congrats! When and how did you start playing together? In the spring of 2016, we met in a dream. Besides a mutual fascination with all things other-worldly we are drawn together inexplicably and irresistibly and now here we are.   Can you describe your sound in your own words? Rock n roll from the midwestern jungle.   Do you have a favorite song or lyric from your album? (Personally, I love the title track and “Cherry…

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    A Q&A with Daisy and Kate of Lung

    Lung are taking their operatic, art rock, heavy, driving sound on tour, consisting of Kate Wakefield (electric cello/vocals) and Daisy Caplan (drums). Though this is their first extended tour as Lung (July-September), neither Daisy or Kate are new to making music. Daisy has been a member of several Louisville, KY and Cincinnati bands for over a decade, including Babe Rage (drums) and, the highly successful, Foxy Shazam (bass) and Kate has made a name for herself as a solo artist, looping layers of cello and vocals to great effect. They are on tour through September and have a full-length album coming out on November, 17th.

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    The Luv’d Ones are a Band to LUV

    The story of most original ‘60s garage bands is that of languishing in at least relative obscurity during their original existence. It is not until music nerds, interested in the esoteric genre that is garage rock, collect, compile, and attempt to propagate these bands’ work from decades past that any attention is paid. Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets comp, the re-birth of the Sloths (through the auspices of Burger Records), and the now global consciousness of Death from Detroit are a few glorious notable instances of this bittersweet phenomenon.

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    Wedding Planning with Ancient Warfare

    I met up with my good friends Echo Wilcox and Emily Hagihara of Ancient Warfare at the 21c Hotel in Lexington to chat with them not only about their band but… wedding planning! As of January, the rockin’ couple is engaged and plans to be wed in October of 2017. Echo and Emily met pre-Ancient Warfare in Lexington. Originally, Echo asked Emily to play bass for Ancient Warfare and when she found out she played drums, she asked her to play with the band. At this point in time, Emily had studied percussion but hadn’t played drums for a band yet. “I didn’t have a drumset so I practiced on…