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    Mommy Dearest: A Playlist about Motherhood

    With Mother’s Day weighing heavily on my mind this year (what do you buy for someone that gave you the gift of life?), I pulled together this playlist of my favorite rock–or very close to–songs about motherhood. Either from the perspective of children or mothers, sorrowful or joyous, this playlist brought me a lot of comfort as I navigated what to do for the woman who gave me everything. 1. Tunic (Song For Karen) by Sonic Youth Penned as a retrospective ode to The Carpenter’s Karen Carpenter, the song doubles as a fiery anthem for daughter’s everywhere with the lyrics ‘Hey mom! Look I’m up here, I finally made it/I’m…

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    Playlist: Women Rock the World

    We, at Women In Rock, love to highlight the local scene, but lately we’ve been just as inspired by women rockers from all over the world. This playlist offers a sampling from Iceland to India. 1. Hórmónar Iceland “Kynsvelt” https://youtu.be/SuYPmUDs-xQ                 2. Pussy Riot Russia “I Can’t Breathe” (dedicated to Eric Garner) https://youtu.be/dXctA2BqF9A   3. La Hijas de Violencia Mexico “Sexista Punk” Pussy Riot-inspired protest band with confetti guns! yeah! https://vimeo.com/111910656 4. Destruye y Huye Mexico “Oscura Socieda” https://youtu.be/kANWiwTBMt0   5. LiLiPUT Switzerland “Split” (1980) https://youtu.be/qjKCzauOumg   6. Kumbia Queers Argentina “Celosa” https://youtu.be/MWV9Bu5_-1s 7. A-WA Israel “Habib Galwi” https://youtu.be/g3bjZlmsb4A   8. Aziza Brahim Algeria “Calles de Dajla” https://youtu.be/LxP0Ngt3s5o   9.…

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    Halloween Spooktacular Playlist

    Creep It Real! I’m the kind of person that would celebrate Halloween year round. I love the decor, the weather and the spookiness in the air! Here are some of my favorite Women in Rock Halloween hits.   Siouxsie and the Banshees- “The Staircase(Mystery)”– It couldn’t be Halloween without Siouxsie Sioux. This song from The Scream captures the very essence of creepy punk. Concrete Blonde– “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”– Perfect song to prowl around dark streets looking for your next victim. PJ Harvey– “Meet Ze Monsta”– The sexiest of Halloween songs, when you’re looking for your very own monster lover. Horrorpops– “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”– Psychobilly makes the perfect soundtrack…

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    Cindy Wilson’s 4 Favorite B-52s Songs

    Cindy Wilson, the extraordinary B-52, released her first solo album, Change, this fall on Kill Rock Stars. When I spoke with Wilson about the new album and about The B-52s (it’s their fortieth anniversary), I asked her to compile her four favorite B-52s songs. “I like the b-sides better than the ones we play all the time,” Cindy Wilson said. “I like the songs that are the weirdest and the quirkiest but there are still really cool things about them; either Ricky’s guitar riffs or Kate and my weird harmonies or some strange vocal.”     “Hero Worship” “53 Miles West of Venus” “Theme for a Nude Beach” “Topaz” To…

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    How to Get Through a Breakup: Some Advice from Ruby the Rabbitfoot

    Pop Musician Ruby the Rabbitfoot insists she is the “queen of getting dumped.” However, she has some great advice when it comes to getting through breakups. “My first piece of advice is to be patient with yourself because endings are beginnings. Do something really nice for yourself. Get a massage, pay for it. I’ve never gotten a massage and regretted paying for it.”   Suggested Listening for your post breakup days: Lucinda Williams– “Those Three Days” Alicia Keys– “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” Angie Stone– “No More Rain (In This Cloud)” Jessica Lea Mayfield– “For Today” Kid Cudi– “Pursuit Of Happiness” Dwight Yoakam– “Ain’t That Lonely Yet”  

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    Songs with Horns

    I played string instruments growing up, so I’ve always been fascinated with brass. Horns and trumpets, when juxtaposed with guitar, bass, and drums, lend an entirely different mood to a song: bold, stout, clean and weighty, bright and jazzy.  The songs on this playlist use horns in different ways and to different ends, but they are all brassy, in the positive sense of shameless or strident. Valerie June, “Working Woman Blues” Probably my favorite song of 2013. It starts with folksy guitar, drums, and June’s one-of-a-kind voice, but wait for the horn solo, which makes the song.   Carpenters, “Close to You” A classic that ought never be forgotten, with a modest trumpet…

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    Local Men Inspiration Playlist: Part 2

    As a continuation from yesterday’s Local Men Inspiration Playlist, we are happy to present Part 2. Thanks to so many great Cincinnati guys for continuing to support Women in Rock! Happy Valentine’s Day!         Andrew Jody (Barrence Whitfield & The Savages)- “Nocturnal Emissions” by Shilpa Ray “When I was asked to do this I had a hard time making a decision… because when thinking about musicians who’ve influenced me, I don’t consciously compartmentalize them into ‘female musicians’ and ‘male musicians.’ Ya either got it or ya don’t. That being said, looking at the female artists that inspire me, I’ve noticed most of them don’t flaunt their sexuality superficially,…

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    Local Men Inspiration Playlist: Part 1

    As a follow up from our Local Ladies Inspiration Playlist in November, we have curated the same for local men in the Cincinnati music scene! These men are appreciative of and inspired by various female musicians. Here’s who moves them to make great music! Part 2 will be released on February 14, 2016.         Aaron Watkins (Commercial, Mardou, Butt)- “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna “Not just the song but Madonna is a massive influence to both music, fashion, art, and redefining gender roles. For her time I feel like this song was probably seen as being pretty edgy, and touches on issues of independence in the face…

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    Local Ladies Inspiration Playlist: Part 2

    I’m so happy to release Part 2 of the Local Ladies Inspiration Playlist! Hopefully this will become a continuing portion of Women in Rock. If you are a musician that has a song that particularly inspires you, please feel free to submit to us! Submissions can be sent to izzi.krombholz@gmail.com.  —————————————————————————————————– Rachelle Caplan (Babe Rage)- “Second Skin” by The Gits “If you aren’t too familiar with them, they are folks from Louisville/Ohio that moved to Seattle in the early 90s. They were signed and poised to tour along side Nirvana. Basically slotted to be one of the mega grunge bands coming out of Seattle if only front woman, Mia Zapata, not had…

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    Local Ladies Inspiration Playlist: Part 1

    The music scene in Cincinnati is abundant with talented female musicians. These woman are both inspired and inspiring. We asked as many as possible what songs have inspired them as musicians and why. Below is part one of the Local Ladies Playlist! Part 2 will be released on Friday, November 27th. Lillian Currens (Swim Team)- “Wild is the Wind” by Nina Simone “Growing up I listened to a lot of jazz and soul singers and constantly tried to emulate the way they sang because it felt so sad and real. I love Nina’s voice because it’s so beautiful, versatile and strong but still really unusual, a voice that you hear…