Women in Rock didn’t emerge overnight. If you know anything about rock n’ roll you know it sprouted from many different types of music. The original women in rock were actually jazz, gospel, country, blues and other types of musicians. Gals such as Mamie Smith, Memphis Minie, Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith and Big Mama Thornton sang the blues that inspired the creation of rock n’ roll. While many of these women learned to sing from hymnals and church choirs, the rock n’ roll spirit affected quite a few of them. Billie Holiday, the legendary blues singer died of a heroin overdose, which really set the stage for the tragic rock star death.

When you really dig in, the list of legendary women is endless. Women have done a lot for rock n’ roll. But this site isn’t about saying that women are better than men or that women in rock is a completely separate genre of music. This blog is to celebrate women in rock and their tremendous contributions to music.In addition, rock n’ roll is defined differently by everyone.

So go ahead, check out some albums that have completely inspired rock n’ roll to change and grow over the years. This is what Women in Rock means to me.

Here are some links that can teach you more about Women in Rock!

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