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    Mommy Dearest: A Playlist about Motherhood

    With Mother’s Day weighing heavily on my mind this year (what do you buy for someone that gave you the gift of life?), I pulled together this playlist of my favorite rock–or very close to–songs about motherhood. Either from the perspective of children or mothers, sorrowful or joyous, this playlist brought me a lot of comfort as I navigated what to do for the woman who gave me everything. 1. Tunic (Song For Karen) by Sonic Youth Penned as a retrospective ode to The Carpenter’s Karen Carpenter, the song doubles as a fiery anthem for daughter’s everywhere with the lyrics ‘Hey mom! Look I’m up here, I finally made it/I’m…

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    Two Peter Gabriel Songs Improved by Kate Bush

    If I had to use one word to describe Kate Bush it would be mystical. She’s mysterious, she rarely performs live anymore. And, her image is that of a fairy. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush collaborated multiple times, Kate Bush appears as a guest vocalist on quite a few of Peter Gabriel’s songs and I would say her voice adds the mysticism that both “Games Without Frontiers (1980)” and “Don’t Give Up (1986)” needed. The first time I heard “Games Without Frontiers” I was absolutely struck by the lyrics and backing vocals. The song is telling stories about what I would imagine to be children playing games. It seems so innocent then…

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    Written By Women, Covered By Men

    There are so many talented female songwriters out there. What’s interesting is that sometimes, a cover version of a song gets more notoriety than the original version. Here are some songs that were written by women and covered by men. There are many more songs than this playlist includes but this gives you a start to maybe start researching who wrote your favorite songs.     “Running Up That Hill” (by Kate Bush) Placebo– Their cover of this song is extremely creepy. Kate Bush’s lyrics are a little unsettling anyway but Placebo’s version takes it to a whole new level. I’ve heard Placebo’s version in movie soundtracks and TV shows…

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    Róisín O Exclusive Video Preview: “Hold On”

    It is my privilege to introduce you to Róisín O, an up and coming musician from Ireland. Having just returned from a 14 date US tour, she has signed a record deal with JSM in Germany for her debut album, The Secret Life of Blue, which will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 4th. Róisín O has a haunting and beautiful voice that is definitely present in her new video, “Hold On.” Watch the video exclusively here. Her song “Hold On” is the Women in Rock song of the week. If you like Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush or Sharon Van Etten you should give Róisín O a listen!