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The Venus Flytraps: We Met in a Dream

The Venus Flytraps (Cleveland, Ohio) chats with Women in Rock about animal language, biker bars, and wanting to do everything.

The Venus Flytraps photographed by Evan Prunty
The Venus Flytraps. Photo credit: Evan Prunty

Your first EP, Clamp Down, was released on Quality Time Records just last year. Congrats! When and how did you start playing together?

In the spring of 2016, we met in a dream. Besides a mutual fascination with all things other-worldly we are drawn together inexplicably and irresistibly and now here we are.


Can you describe your sound in your own words?

Rock n roll from the midwestern jungle.


Do you have a favorite song or lyric from your album? (Personally, I love the title track and “Cherry Slush!”)

It’s not on the EP but we all dig the lyrics on X-ray eyes and always have a lotta fun performing it. It’s new and you can catch it coming up via live from badracket in the very near future.


What inspires your music?

We’re influenced by animal language, Link Wray, and feeling like most people in our generation – left out and dejected. The feeling we draw from is being outcasts together. Also black magic, non-neurotypical brainwaves and being haunted.


Any future projects in the works? What are your hopes for the band?

We wanna do everything. We are working on getting together enough material for an album and we wanna get a tour together after that. We got plans and ideas for videos, art, a feature film, and we wanna get some merch out as well like shirts and panties and that kinda thing.


What’s your best performance story?

Well we’ve had a lotta fun and strange performances like playing biker bars and for crowds that seem hesitant at first but we can get em going and win em over and we all have a real good time.


When can we see your next show?

Our next show is at the Euclid tavern in Cleveland with our friends Fascinating and Minneapolis bands The Florists and The Controversial New ‘Skinny Pill.’ We are also always interested in playing in Cincinnati and have a few things in the works so look for us very soon in the area!


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Be bad and look out for the Venus flytraps  <3


View the video “Clamped Down,” shot by Carter Luckfield on behalf of Quality Time Records, here:

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