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    Róisín O Exclusive Video Preview: “Hold On”

    It is my privilege to introduce you to Róisín O, an up and coming musician from Ireland. Having just returned from a 14 date US tour, she has signed a record deal with JSM in Germany for her debut album, The Secret Life of Blue, which will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 4th. Róisín O has a haunting and beautiful voice that is definitely present in her new video, “Hold On.” Watch the video exclusively here. Her song “Hold On” is the Women in Rock song of the week. If you like Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush or Sharon Van Etten you should give Róisín O a listen!

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    10 Sad Girl Songs for a Rainy Day

    Well it’s been a gross and rainy day here in Cincinnati. If you feel like listening to some songs to accompany the weather, the following are 10 sad girl songs. I’m not responsible for any tears you may shed as a result of this list… Or maybe I am. I’ll try to make up for it at the end. 10. “Lemonade” by CocoRosie- Let’s face it, these sisters are a little eerie. And well this video is a bit trippy. I’m easing you into the list. This song embodies a more dreamy feeling than anything. But if you’re in the right mood, I’m sure it would cause you to shed…