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10 Sad Girl Songs for a Rainy Day

Well it’s been a gross and rainy day here in Cincinnati. If you feel like listening to some songs to accompany the weather, the following are 10 sad girl songs. I’m not responsible for any tears you may shed as a result of this list… Or maybe I am. I’ll try to make up for it at the end.

10. “Lemonade” by CocoRosie- Let’s face it, these sisters are a little eerie. And well this video is a bit trippy. I’m easing you into the list. This song embodies a more dreamy feeling than anything. But if you’re in the right mood, I’m sure it would cause you to shed some tears.

9. “Take Care of My Baby” by Dum Dum Girls- Dee Dee’s voice evokes a feeling that anyone missing a love can relate. This track appeared on Dum Dum Girls’ He Gets Me High EP and is possibly one of the more sensitive songs written by the gals.

8. “Lowlife” by Scanners- This song is an old favorite of mine. Scanners is an underrated band but this song really displays their ability to write haunting and beautiful songs.

7. “Vengeance is Sleeping” by Neko Case- One of Case’s strengths is writing such personal and emotional lyrics. This song reflects upon being misled and misleading others, “I’m not the man you thought I was.”

6. “Sprout and the Bean” by Joanna Newsom- While this song isn’t necessarily sad, it’s a pretty good rainy day song. Especially for laying in bed and staring at the rain fall outside. Joanna Newsom is such a little pixie. Also, her skit in Portlandia is pretty hilarious.

5. “Serpents” by Sharon Van Etten- Well, Sharon Van Etten is pretty much the queen of sad girl songs. A lot of her songs reflect on a terrible relationship she went through and you can tell songwriting has been her way to survive the trauma. Anyone going through a breakup should probably check out her most recent album, Tramp. 

4. “Metal Heart” by Cat Power- Chan Marshall’s voice is extremely beautiful and touching. Paired with any emotional lyrics you’re bound to cry. Although, I’ll be honest… I’m still a little distracted by her live delivery.

3. “Siren Song” by Bat for Lashes- This song is just epic. “Siren Song” appeared on the album Two Suns, which to me felt like a journey through some foreign land. I won’t lie, I’ve cried more than once to this song.

2. “Have to Drive” by Amanda Palmer- However kooky she may be, Amanda Palmer writes the most beautiful songs. This is the perfect winter sad song. I think almost anyone can relate to this song, especially those with SAD.

1. “Promise Me” by Courtney Sanders- If you’ve ever seen the final scene to The Ballad of Jack and Rose you’ve probably bawled your eyes out to this scene/song. I’m trying to ruin the movie but it’s impossible to find a video for this song other than the final scene on Youtube! Don’t cry too much!!!

Well I hope you’re okay after listening to these sad girl songs! Here’s a happy video to make your day brighter!!!!!


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