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    10 Creepy Songs for Halloween

    Since Halloween is just days away and the creepy spirit is in the air, I thought it was an appropriate time to compile some of my favorite spooky songs. This list really does stem from my love for goth and dark music. With that being said, most of these songs are great year round when you feel like being dark and creepy! I did throw in a few Halloween gems though to get you ready for a night of tricks. 10. “Councillor” by Wazu– First of all, Wazu recently changed their band name to Vows. Anyway, do you like to get your goth on? Planning on wearing some huge boots…

  • Song of the Moment

    Song of the Week: “You’re Early” by 2:54

    ¬†When Goth was reborn in the 80’s it pertained to music both dark and beautiful. Bands like The Cure and and Bauhaus so perfectly fit the description. However, Goth became warped and mutilated and became something not so beautiful but more dark and twisted. 2:54 brings the old Goth back to life. Who are they? Two sisters from England, Hannah and Colette Thurlow. There music is largely described as shoegaze but is the Goth that once lived and captured so many hearts back in the 80’s. This music is definitely for fans of I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness and The XX.