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10 Creepy Songs for Halloween

Since Halloween is just days away and the creepy spirit is in the air, I thought it was an appropriate time to compile some of my favorite spooky songs. This list really does stem from my love for goth and dark music. With that being said, most of these songs are great year round when you feel like being dark and creepy! I did throw in a few Halloween gems though to get you ready for a night of tricks.

10. “Councillor” by WazuFirst of all, Wazu recently changed their band name to Vows. Anyway, do you like to get your goth on? Planning on wearing some huge boots on Halloween? You should probably listen to this song while you’re getting your costume on. Vows has the perfect sound for dark night club vibes. Check out their video here.

9. “Marching Song” by Esben and the WitchFor all the witches and wiccas out there, this song is perfect for casting a few spells… or for being chased through the woods. It sounds extremely ominous and the build up throughout the course of the song could be straight from a horror film. In addition, the spooky music video shows the band members increasingly beat up for no apparent reason. Confusing. Very creepy. Listen to this when you stalk your prey. Check out the video here.

8. “Metal Postcard” by Siouxsie and The Banshees- While “Spellbound” might be the more obvious choice for this list, “Metal Postcard” is a much darker song for your Halloween night. This song always reminds me of axes and chopping. Keep your axes away from small children on Halloween night, please. Watch a live video of the song here.

7. “What Can I Do?” by The Black Belles– Well, here’s your witch costume inspiration. These gals are probably my only experience of what seems to be real live witches. They dress like them, they act like them and their songs are spooky. Even when you talk to them, they’re very dead pan. This probably isn’t the band to piss off, I would definitely expect a curse in return. Here’s one of their first released songs.

6. “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” by the CrampsI don’t hear a female in the Cramps! Oh yes you do. Poison Ivy is one of the coolest guitarists out there. She is a true punk icon. Anyway, you can’t have Halloween without werewolves! And as far as couples’ Halloween costumes go, Poison Ivy and Lux Interior make a great one… Watch the live video here.

5. “Monster Hospital” by MetricThis song is great for you to run to, well while you’re running away from monsters. Double agenda… anti-war song and great Halloween song. And as an added bonus, the music video is pretty spooky! Check it out here.

4. “Leave It all Up to Me” by Screaming FemalesFor the full affect of the song, you really need to watch the music video where Marissa Patternoster of Screaming Females comes back from the dead as a scary zombie creature. It gets pretty gory! Check it out here and see why it’s the perfect creepy song.

3. “Lewd Nudie Animals” by We Are HexWe Are Hex are perfectly dark. Just go get your creep on and listen to them. Jilly Weiss has an amazingly commanding stage presence so much so that you can’t be sure what kind of spirits are running through her. Watch a live video here.

2. “Evil” by 45 Grave- This band is such a great Halloween band. Their song “Party Time” was in the soundtrack for “The Return of the Living Dead” so they have a history with horror. “Evil” is a goth classic that you need to hear to make your Halloween complete. Here’s a live performance of it.

1. “2 Big Pumpkins” by Elvira- Well, this song may be extremely hard to track down but for this Halloween season, Jack White’s Third Man Records produced a limited edition 7″ with two songs written by Fred Schneider of The B-52’s and performed by the one and only Mistress of the Dark. Elvira is definitely the queen of Halloween and all things dark so I suggest if you have a chance to purchase a copy of the 7″, you should jump on that chance. Check out the teaser for the EP here.

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