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    A Country Music Appreciation All Thanks to Lucinda Williams

    I was never big on country music growing up… well aside from Johnny Cash because he is definitely a Krombholz family favorite. My dad, on the other hand, loves old country music and has been a fan of Lucinda Williams for a long time. I’m sure I’d heard her at some point or another growing up but I remember the first time I actually heard her. I was rewatching my favorite tv show, Alias, and the character Michael Vaughn goes into a dingy bar where “Righteously” is playing (Season 2, Episode 17 if you need to check it out). I remember thinking, “I need to hear more of this musician.”…

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    How to Get Through a Breakup: Some Advice from Ruby the Rabbitfoot

    Pop Musician Ruby the Rabbitfoot insists she is the “queen of getting dumped.” However, she has some great advice when it comes to getting through breakups. “My first piece of advice is to be patient with yourself because endings are beginnings. Do something really nice for yourself. Get a massage, pay for it. I’ve never gotten a massage and regretted paying for it.”   Suggested Listening for your post breakup days: Lucinda Williams– “Those Three Days” Alicia Keys– “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” Angie Stone– “No More Rain (In This Cloud)” Jessica Lea Mayfield– “For Today” Kid Cudi– “Pursuit Of Happiness” Dwight Yoakam– “Ain’t That Lonely Yet”  

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    8 Sad Girl Songs for the Lonely Hearts Club

    Let’s face it… Valentine’s Day can be a very, very dark day for some people. Especially those in the perpetual mindset of “love will tear us apart.” And hey, if you’re recently single or extremely lonely, you don’t want to see all of the lovey dovey heart-shaped bullshit crammed down your throat surrounding this special day. So here is your soundtrack for a good cry alone in your room. Drink some wine, be sad.     “Virgin State of Mind” by K’s Choice– This song feels like a totally surreal dream. A great song for your wine drunk daydream remembering better days when you were once happy with a lover. Yuck.…

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    Local Men Inspiration Playlist: Part 2

    As a continuation from yesterday’s Local Men Inspiration Playlist, we are happy to present Part 2. Thanks to so many great Cincinnati guys for continuing to support Women in Rock! Happy Valentine’s Day!         Andrew Jody (Barrence Whitfield & The Savages)- “Nocturnal Emissions” by Shilpa Ray “When I was asked to do this I had a hard time making a decision… because when thinking about musicians who’ve influenced me, I don’t consciously compartmentalize them into ‘female musicians’ and ‘male musicians.’ Ya either got it or ya don’t. That being said, looking at the female artists that inspire me, I’ve noticed most of them don’t flaunt their sexuality superficially,…

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    I’ve never been a huge fan of country but Lucinda Williams sure turns my head. Her most recent album, Blessed, came out in 2011 which is when I realized I had severely overlooked this category of country rock n’ roll. “Buttercup” is an excellent example of her work because it combines her southern drawl with a sound just ever so gritty. This song urges me to leave the midwest and join Lucinda in the south.