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8 Sad Girl Songs for the Lonely Hearts Club

Let’s face it… Valentine’s Day can be a very, very dark day for some people. Especially those in the perpetual mindset of “love will tear us apart.” And hey, if you’re recently single or extremely lonely, you don’t want to see all of the lovey dovey heart-shaped bullshit crammed down your throat surrounding this special day. So here is your soundtrack for a good cry alone in your room. Drink some wine, be sad.



“Virgin State of Mind” by K’s Choice– This song feels like a totally surreal dream. A great song for your wine drunk daydream remembering better days when you were once happy with a lover. Yuck.


“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King– And kids, the answer is… probably not. Cheers to the one night stand that led nowhere and left you sitting alone on Valentine’s Day.


“Nobody’s Diary” by Yazoo– This one really could be your more empowering number of the night. Don’t surrender to being one of your crushes many flings. Demand to be #1 or say bye.


“Glory Box” by Portishead– Okay, enough with being strong. At this point, you’ve had a few glasses of wine and feel like texting that special someone. DO NOT GIVE IN. Relax and let Portishead make you feel at ease.


“Calculation Theme” by Metric– So now that you’re back to crying, here’s the perfect song for that. Emily Haines’ vocals are so beautiful and airy it will definitely break your heart. “I wish we were lovers, but it’s for the best.” That alone kills me.


“Hold On, Hold On” by Neko Case– You’re starting to accept that love is bad thing and not worth it. There are other things in life to “hold on” to, like your cats or a comforting book. But sometimes you don’t want to and tonight you don’t have to. Get drunk and blare Neko Case.


“Joy” by Lucinda Williams– You are definitely drunk enough now that you have a burst of energy. This can be used by jumping on your bed and shouting along with Lucinda Williams. Demand your damn joy back! If your burst of energy lasts as long as the 8 minute live version of this song, I’m impressed.


“It’s All Over But the Crying” by Garbage– And we’re back to a depressed state. This song just rips your heart out. Tears are flowing, wine is gone. It’s time for bed but you’ll probably stay awake longer than you need to and post some sad song lyrics on facebook before your night is over.


**Editor’s Note: You’re not alone, I drank wine and went on this emotional rollercoaster while I wrote this. In fact, Youtube continuously played anti-depressant ads before each video. Happy Valentine’s Day?

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