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Lana Del Who?? Check out The Black Belles

By now you’re probably aware of Lana Del Rey, the new glamorous sensation. However, she is just another woman to put down her guitar, put on a pretty dress and catch the attention of media. My question is, how come she gets all the attention and a well-deserving band like The Black Belles get overlooked?

Maybe you haven’t heard of them, let me introduce you. The Black Belles are four women  who put a new spin on “southern gothic.” From the looks of them, you might mistake them for witches in their all black, wide rimmed hats and long black hair. And who knows, maybe they will cast a spell on you with lyrics like “Chanting I’ve been a bad girl/As I wash the blood from my hands again.”

The Black Belles released their debut self-titled album in November of 2011 on Third Man Records. While the album is produced by Jack White and he may have something to do with their sound, these women write guitar riffs that can stand proudly next to any Jack White song. The album opens with “Leave You With a Letter” that exudes the darkness and vengeance that pulses through the entire album. I’d be warned, these women are dangerous and seem proud of it. “In this room that I’m in you’ve gotta sin to get in” they brag in “In a Cage.”  Their garage rock songs are so delightfully catchy that you can’t help but turn the music up louder.

“Honky Tonk Horror” is definitely the strongest song on the album with a Doors like organ intro. It’s easy to see why Jack White likes these women, their songs at times seem like an all female version of the White Stripes. Their barely three minute songs make an album full of retro rocking witchy tunes that are absolutely refreshing to a world who seems obsessed with the Lana Del Rey type of pop star.

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  • fallenrox

    Your blog and these bands are fueling some creative energy over here 🙂 Thank you!!! Looks like the black belles CD is snail mail only. I hate waiting for music I want N-O-W! D:

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