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    TAT’s Frontwoman, Tatiana DeMaria, on Her New Solo Career

    Tatiana DeMaria started British punk band, TAT at age 15. After years of success, DeMaria is releasing her debut solo album. The sound is a big change from the guitar heavy riffs of TAT but this sound shows how she’s matured as a musician. She was kind enough to answer questions about her solo album and the musical changes she’s made. Izzi Krombholz: You started playing music at a very young age, what was starting TAT like? Tatiana DeMaria: I was on a bit of a mission. As a kid, I had tried to put bands together and found what you still find as an adult really. Some people want…

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    The Road to Rock n’ Roll: An Interview with Linda Gail Lewis

    “I’m the sister of a hell-raiser, the daughter of an old tomcat, I was playin’ the piano in a honky-tonk, long before you bragged about that.” The above lyrics are from the song “Round Too Long” off of Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks’ first collaborative album, Wild! Wild! Wild! released in August on Bloodshot Records. It’s as if that first line can almost be a quick biography of country/rock n’ roll musician, Linda Gail Lewis. Born in Louisiana, there’s almost no way Linda could escape a musical life. Her older brother, Jerry Lee Lewis, was attached to the piano so there was constant music in their house. “I could…

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    Mimi Schippers on Gender, Music and Polyamory

    Mimi Schippers is quite the expert in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality studies. She first came to my attention when I was in the graduate program at University of Cincinnati for WGSS. I was researching gender and music and her book, Rockin’ Out of the Box; Gender Maneuvering in Hard Rock, came to my attention. It was a fabulous read and prompted me to reach out to her. Today,  she is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Tulane University with a specific focus on polyamory. Schippers’ new book, The Poly Gaze, will be out this year. Izzi Krombholz: When I was naming Women in Rock I…

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    Rockabilly Royalty: An Interview with Rosie Flores

    Rosie Flores, a lifetime musician, deserves way more attention than she’s getting. In fact, Rosie has put in so much work, not only for herself, that she’s created important spaces in history time and time again. Rosie started playing in her first band (an all girl band) in San Diego when she was 16 called Penelope’s Children. The band started touring when they were 18. After that, Rosie went on to start Rosie and the Screamers. “That band was phenomenal, they were amazing musicians. The excitement of playing with the other two guitar players really set me off on wanting to play, they encouraged me to keep playing lead.” Rosie…

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    An Interview with Ruby Boots

    Australian songstress, Ruby Boots (Bex Chilcott) released her sophomore album, Don’t Talk About It, this February on Bloodshot Records. The path she’s taken as a musician has been one of dedication and patience. The now Nashville based musician was kind enough to chat on the phone with me about growing up in Australia and her music career. Izzi Krombholz: Tell me about life growing up in Australia and how you got turned on to music. Ruby Boots (Bex): I didn’t really play music until I was 22 and I grew up with two brothers and I left home I was 14 and I was living in Perth and by the…

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    The Resurgence of L7: An Interview with Donita Sparks

    Getting to see L7 live this spring was a long awaited dream come true. Honestly, I’d always hoped there would be a reunion but was doubtful. Then, when news of their documentary got announced I held my breath. And it happened, L7 is back at it! When I spoke with Donita Sparks on the phone, of course I had to gush about how cool it was to finally see them live and I admitted that I smiled through the entire show. Donita was cool about it and said, “there’s a lot of shock and awe and joy going on in our audiences.” I mean, how could you not be in…

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    The Badass Babes of 007: A Playlist

    The sexualization of women in James Bond movies can be pretty questionable but it’s hard to deny how many badass babes are a part of the Bond world. Whether they’re a Bond Girl or a villain, they’re always strong, witty and drop dead gorgeous. From 1995-2012, the Bond movies casted Judi Dench as M (Bond’s superior), the only female to be casted in this role who is both steadfast and wise and calls out James Bond in his misogynistic ways. And what would a Bond movie be without Miss Moneypenny, the lovestricken and kind secretary? Whether you love James Bond or hate him, we couldn’t do Issue 007 without dedicating…

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    Song of the Moment: “Like A Prayer” by The Lopez

    “Like A Prayer” by The Lopez from their new 7″ is an incredibly joyous song. In fact, both songs on “Like A Prayer” (Throwin’ Shade on the B side) force you to move. They’re upbeat and poppy but in a rocking way. The Lopez excel at adding fuzz and grime to their pop tendencies to give their electronic music a punk edge. Their sound very much reminds me of old Hot Chip or the band, Friends. The Lopez is perfect for a spur of the moment dance party on a hot summer night. Their new “Like a Prayer” single was recorded and mixed by Madeleine Campbell at Accessible Recording and mastered by Shelley Anderson…

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    Song of the Moment: “Afraid of the Dark” by Lindi Ortega

    Thanks to my favorite SiriusXM radio station, Outlaw Country, I've gotten introduced to quite a few badass alt country musicians. My recent favorite is Canadian songstress, Lindi Ortega, who released her fifth album, Liberty, at the end of March. The album is a spaghetti western and deals with working out of darkness and as the album progresses, it does just that.

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    The Magic Behind Muddy Ruckus: An Interview with Drummer, Erika Stahl

    Muddy Ruckus are a Southern Blues infused rock duo from New England and today they are dropping their third album, Bellows to Mend.  The band, Ryan Flaherty and Erika Stahl, spent a year working on Bellows to Mend with the goal of capturing their live show sound on recording. They also have their friend, Daisy Castro, joining them on the album adding violin to a few songs. Erika Stahl was kind enough to tell us about her start in Muddy Ruckus and how she became the heartbeat of the band. Izzi Krombholz: Tell me about your background in music. Where are you from and when did you first start playing? Erika…