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“My Boyfriend” by Oh Susanna

Oh Susanna recently released a new album, A Girl In Teen City. The Canadian songstress, Suzie Ungerleider (Oh Susanna) has used A Girl In Teen City to tell the story of a teenage girl growing up in Vancouver in the 1980s. The album explores common teenage escapades… falling in love, getting drunk, cruising around town, attending rock shows, loss and teenage heartache.

“My Boyfriend” is a slightly twangy pop song looking at humorous young love. Oh Susanna speaks of “her boyfriend” who has the right look to sing in the band but can’t sing worth a damn. She writes endearing lyrics of being stuck in the corner while her boyfriend tries to shine although she knows she’s the one with the voice, “he dreams of rock n’ roll but he don’t have the soul like me.” Oh Susanna is very witty and her lyrics capture what many girls have experienced before, being pushed to the side by a guy since they’re not supposed to be the one with the rock n’ roll dream.

Oh Susanna has been making music since 1996 and A Girl In Teen City is her 8th album. You can watch the video for “My Boyfriend” below.

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