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“Sha La La” by Selene Vigil

Selene Vigil, lead singer of 7 Year Bitch, released an ep at the end of 2017 aptly named Tough Dance. “Sha La La,” the opening track literally can’t be described as anything other than a tough dance. Vigil’s vocals are raw and ready, driving and heavy; to put it simply, they are tough. As the guitars pick up, the song picks up into a funkier feel perfect for dancing. This is definitely the “radio hit” of the ep. Tough Dance takes emotional pulls through the songs whether they are more upbeat like “Sha La La” or slower and more reflective like the closing track, “Soul in Traction.”

I used to be pissed off that I was born too late. I missed so many great bands live and in their prime. But hey, we’ve lucked out. L7 and Babes in Toyland are back to making music and touring and Selene Vigil is creating this awesome solo project. Tough Dance includes six hard and heavy hits that have a slightly more polished feel than 7 Year Bitch. “Battery Street Tunnel” feels like it should be the anthem of every Women’s March across our country. This is the music that we need right now.

Tough Dance is definitely worth a listen. Not only is Selene Vigil a huge part of 90’s Women in Rock history but this solo project keeps the hits coming.

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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