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Song of the Moment- “Hell is Other People” by Bangzz

“Hell is Other People” by Bangzz sure is a tune we need so far in 2021. The duo from Durham, North Carolina has just released this upbeat punky song accompanied by a quirky and yet relevant music video in which frontwoman Erika performs a self lobotomy for YouTube viewers (quite the commentary on how you can literally find anything online including great “self help” tips). Erika says she’s doing this to rid herself “of harmful social narratives in her head.”

To me, the coolest thing about this tune is the contrast of the tough sounding instrumentals with Erika’s voice… there is no denying she just has a great voice. It’s not what you’d expect to be paired with punk yet it works so well. Drummer, Jess Caesar, holds down the driving punk beat and pushes the song forward.

The song is worth a listen and the exciting news is that this release will be followed by a full length album sometime in 2021. Yay for new music!

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