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    2018 Winter Movie List

    In winter, it’s hard to motivate to do things outside or go places and see people. Whether you’re sick with the flu, down from seasonal depression, or just snuggled in we find here at Women in Rock there’s a lot more TV time in the winter. We’ve compiled our favorite Women in Rock movies to give you history lessons and entertainment during the coldest months! Izzi’s Picks: Hit So Hard (2011)– This documentary is a great inside look at Hole and the heartbeat of the band, Patty Schemel. It’s the story of survival, of overcoming addiction and being able to thrive in the music scene making it out of the…

  • A Little Slice of History

    Janis Joplin, A Woman Left Lonely

    I’ve always felt an undeniable connection to Janis Joplin. I’ve been drawn to her music; her raw yet powerful vocals and beyond expressive performances. But there’s something beyond the music that I feel a connection to; a strange combination between strength and loneliness. Today, on Janis Joplin’s 47th anniversary of death, I want to take a closer look at who this woman was and why her life was so lonely. I like to think of Janis as my soul sister and often I’ve turned to her music for strength at rough points in my life. Songs like “Down on Me” and “Women Is Losers” have put a smile on my face…

  • Artist Spotlight

    A Rock n’ Roll History Lesson, An Interview with Patricia Kennealy-Morrison

    Patricia Kennealy-Morrison has forged a path for herself that has lead to an accomplished and unusual life. She was the editor-in-chief of Jazz & Pop and one of the first female rock critics. The job as a critic is, of course, what lead her to meet the love of her life, Jim Morrison. As a practicing witch, Patricia and Jim were married in a Celtic handfasting ceremony in 1970. As Patricia says, the handfasting ceremony goes beyond life, it lasts forever. Patricia has written of her life with Jim in the book Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison. She has also written the Keltiad novels, a series…

  • A Little Slice of History

    The Big Mamma That Gave Birth to Elvis and Janis

        “My singing comes from my experience…My own experience. I never had no one teach me nothin’. I never went to school for music or nothin’. I taught myself to sing and to blow harmonica and even to play drums by watchin’ other people! I can’t read music, but I know what I’m singing! I don’t sing like nobody but myself.” For March, Women In Rock is planning on putting together a playlist of men covering songs written by women. As I was brainstorming ideas, I thought of “Hound Dog.” I think most people know this song as done by Elvis. I think fewer know that it was originally…

  • A Little Slice of History

    When Patti Smith sang to Janis Joplin

    There are certain times that you wish you could be a fly on the wall… The moment I would die to witness would be an encounter with two of the most influential women in rock. The story appeared in “Just Kids,” a must read for any Patti Smith fan. Patti Smith writes of her life with Robert Mapplethorpe as a young person in New York City. She recounts when she was introduced to Janis Joplin by Bobby Neuwirth in 1970. Most of their interactions took place at the infamous Hotel Chelsea including Patti Smith being present when Kris Kristofferson taught Janis “Me and Bobby McGee.” One night after a show,…

  • Band Information,  Playlist

    An Emotionally Broke Playlist for Those Tired of Winter

    Well it’s that point in the winter where things have gotten worse instead of better. February is almost over and instead of warmer weather and hope for spring, we’ve gotten a tone of snow and colder temperatures. For those of you getting stir crazy and depressed, I have compiled a list of songs that may express how you’re feeling. 1. “Runs in the Family” by Amanda Palmer– For those of you with SAD or family inherited depression issues. Or perhaps you’ve spent too much time stuck inside with you relatives. Amanda Palmer always knows how to make you feel a little edgy. Watch the video here. And if you’re bored…

  • A Little Slice of History

    A Little Slice of History: Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin, born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1943, was a legendary singer who caught the attention of the world originally in the band Big Brother and the Holding Company. Joplin went on as a solo act and became one of the most important women to ever exist in the rock world. What you may not know: Kris Kristofferson, lover and friend of Janis’s, first sang her “Me and Bobby McGee” in the Chelsea Hotel. Janis Joplin’s version went on to be a number one hit and appeared on her famous album, Pearl. Fun fact: Patti Smith was present for this amazing experience.