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An Emotionally Broke Playlist for Those Tired of Winter

Well it’s that point in the winter where things have gotten worse instead of better. February is almost over and instead of warmer weather and hope for spring, we’ve gotten a tone of snow and colder temperatures. For those of you getting stir crazy and depressed, I have compiled a list of songs that may express how you’re feeling.

1. “Runs in the Family” by Amanda Palmer For those of you with SAD or family inherited depression issues. Or perhaps you’ve spent too much time stuck inside with you relatives. Amanda Palmer always knows how to make you feel a little edgy. Watch the video here. And if you’re bored and snowed in, she recently wrote a self help book, “The Art of Asking.”

2. “I Need a Man to Love” by  Big Brother & The Holding Company Let’s face it, when it’s about 4 degrees outside it’s no fun to go out. Kind of hard to meet men when you’re trapped inside. And no one had the blues like Janis Joplin. Watch a live performance of it here, ironically paired with “Summertime.” “I Need a Man to Love” starts at 4:11.

3. “The Wrong Door” by The Black Belles With the previous song in mind, in all your boredom and loneliness don’t go running back to your ex just because it’s easy and you’re stir crazy. Watch them play it here.

4. “3,6,9” by Cat Power Let’s talk about all of those wine nights you’ve been having. Probably doing some online shopping and watching bad TV? It’s kinda like Christmas because if you drink enough wine and order things maybe you’ll be surprised when they arrive and it can be a little gift from your drunk fairy godmother. Listen to the song here.

5. “Feral Love” by Chelsea Wolfe Things are starting to get dark. How much alone time can you survive??? Chelsea Wolfe is the creepy goth queen that may just push your over the edge. Watch the incredible video for this song here.

6. “Sleep to Dream” by Fiona Apple Sleeping is really nice in the winter. Being in bed is really nice in the winter. Fiona Apple is an angry woman. I’m sure you know the feeling. So hey, be like Fiona and write some killer songs while in bed! Watch the video here.

7. “Fix Me Now” by Garbage This winter I’ve found myself in this place where I just want things to be okay. A little warm weather could fix me. SEND HELP, SPRING. Watch it performed here.

8. “Calculation Theme” by Metric Metric is great at the electronic sad jams. A song for your long day dreams. Watch them play it here.

9. “Queen of Apology” by The Sounds Winter can bring out the worst in you. Spring is a time for apologies. It will get better! And you need something upbeat that you can dance around in your house to! Watch the video here.

10. “Stuck Here Again” by L7 And here we are, another winter hopefully survived. It’s a damn rut to escape. In happier news, L7 recently reached their kickstarted campaign to release a documentary soon! Also, they are starting to tour again! HELL YEAH! That’s something to get out of bed for. Watch the video here.

Well now you know how my winter has been! Hopefully yours has been better. Maybe some great music by female musicians is just what you needed!

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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