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    8 Sad Girl Songs for the Lonely Hearts Club

    Let’s face it… Valentine’s Day can be a very, very dark day for some people. Especially those in the perpetual mindset of “love will tear us apart.” And hey, if you’re recently single or extremely lonely, you don’t want to see all of the lovey dovey heart-shaped bullshit crammed down your throat surrounding this special day. So here is your soundtrack for a good cry alone in your room. Drink some wine, be sad.     “Virgin State of Mind” by K’s Choice– This song feels like a totally surreal dream. A great song for your wine drunk daydream remembering better days when you were once happy with a lover. Yuck.…

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    10 Sad Girl Songs for a Rainy Day

    Well it’s been a gross and rainy day here in Cincinnati. If you feel like listening to some songs to accompany the weather, the following are 10 sad girl songs. I’m not responsible for any tears you may shed as a result of this list… Or maybe I am. I’ll try to make up for it at the end. 10. “Lemonade” by CocoRosie- Let’s face it, these sisters are a little eerie. And well this video is a bit trippy. I’m easing you into the list. This song embodies a more dreamy feeling than anything. But if you’re in the right mood, I’m sure it would cause you to shed…

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    Song of the Week: “This Tornado Loves You” by Neko Case

    Although a few years old, “This Tornade Loves You” remains a strong song by a passionate and talented woman in (Americana) rock. “This Tornado Loves You” appeared on Neko Case‘s most recent album, Middle Cyclone, back in 2009. Most recently, she toured over the summer and contributed a song to the Hunger Games soundtrack. It’s been rumored that a new album is in the works but for now we’ll just have to take out her old records and give them another spin. Here is Neko Case performing “This Tornado Loves You” on Letterman.