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    A Little Slice of History: Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin, born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1943, was a legendary singer who caught the attention of the world originally in the band Big Brother and the Holding Company. Joplin went on as a solo act and became one of the most important women to ever exist in the rock world. What you may not know: Kris Kristofferson, lover and friend of Janis’s, first sang her “Me and Bobby McGee” in the Chelsea Hotel. Janis Joplin’s version went on to be a number one hit and appeared on her famous album, Pearl. Fun fact: Patti Smith was present for this amazing experience.

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    About the Night and What It Does to… Me

    A Review of a Rare Patti Smith Album Perhaps Patti Smith’s best work, and yet hardly known. The day I bought it the cashier at Shake It Records looked at me with an expression that told me he was jealous I was walking out of the store with their only copy of About the Night and What it Does To You. Even then, I had no idea what I was getting into. Everyone can agree that the talent of Patti Smith really shines through her ability as a lyricist. Yet, this album, hardly known at all, is the best example of her talent. Comprised of 12 tracks, Smith covers well-known…

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    Best 10 Female Punk Songs 1970’s-1980’s

    10. Joan Jett- “Bad Reputation”- Joan doesn’t give a damn about her reputation and neither should you. Born and bred a rock n’ roller this song defines her punk rock attitude toward life. After her commercial success she grew from a mere punk into the “Queen of Rock.” 9. Blondie- “One Way Or Another”- Although better known as new wave than punk, Blondie’s regular appearances at Max’s Kansas City and CBGB’s threw them into the emerging scene during the 70‘s. “One Way or Another” was included on Blondie’s best selling album “Parallel Lines” and has been used as a creepy break up anthem ever since. 8. The Runaways- “Cherry Bomb”-…