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    10 Ways To End A Bad Date Early: Advice from Reformed Whores

    Reformed Whores were ever so kind to help a sister out and give advice on how to end a bad date early. Here are there top 10 methods. By Reformed Whores (Self-proclaimed Feminists with a capital “F”) Prepare you girlfriend and have her text you half way in case you need an emergency exit. Hit on whoever is next to you (not your date). When you’ve had one beer and he asks to get you another end the date (the honesty tactic). Figure out what political leaning they are and push the opposite. Get bitchy to the big dude sitting next to you so your date has to fight for…

  • Song of the Moment

    “Birth Control” by Reformed Whores

    It’s safe to say there’s nothing quite like Reformed Whores around right now. Described as a “filthy musical comedy duo” Reformed Whores sing terribly catchy country songs drenched with raunchy humor. “Birth Control” from their debut album Ladies Don’t Spit provides a little ditty on the importance of birth control. And the music video is a treat to watch as well. Their sophomore album, Don’t Beat Around the Bush was just released in March. Their quick wit and skill as musicians brings country music to a whole new level. You can catch these outlaw ladies at MOTR Pub this Wednesday, April 5th.