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10 Ways To End A Bad Date Early: Advice from Reformed Whores

Reformed Whores were ever so kind to help a sister out and give advice on how to end a bad date early. Here are there top 10 methods.

By Reformed Whores (Self-proclaimed Feminists with a capital “F”)

  1. Prepare you girlfriend and have her text you half way in case you need an emergency exit.
  2. Hit on whoever is next to you (not your date).
  3. When you’ve had one beer and he asks to get you another end the date (the honesty tactic).
  4. Figure out what political leaning they are and push the opposite.
  5. Get bitchy to the big dude sitting next to you so your date has to fight for your honor then slip out the back door.
  6. Sneak out the bathroom window.
  7. Say you’re training to be a nun and you have to be home by 7:30.
  8. Get another beer and then say you’re late to an AA meeting.
  9. Get drunk and then announce to the room that the next round is on him.
  10. Start drawing him and say “I never want to forget this moment.”

Reformed Whores are an awesome country music comedy duo based in New York. You can check out their witty tunes at


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