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In the Know: May 2018


Marie Anderson (Reformed Whores)- “Olive was found in a car engine when she was 5 days old. A buddy of mine was walking in Queens when he heard the cries of a kitten. He then saw a group of construction workers all crowded around a car, one with his ear to the hood. In Spanish, the men said that a kitten was stuck and they couldn’t get her out. Not sure what my friend was thinking, but once given this info he crawled right up under the car and carefully plucked her out, covered in oil. Then he called begging me to take her in, claiming he had no one else to call. Of course I didn’t want a cat, I hate cats! But after talking it through with my roommate, we soon found ourselves in a cab to Queens to pick up a goddamn kitten. We named her Olivia after the well-known children’s book about a pig because her first night at my place, she was so dirty and hungry and she made little snorting sounds when she ate. We call her Olive for short. As I type this, she’s staring at me plotting my death. She can be the meanest creature on the planet when she wants to be, but she can also be the sweetest. I simply adore her, but please don’t tell anyone. I tour a lot and she loves to puke on my bed to tell me she missed me. My little Olive.”

Kerstin Bladh (Leggy)- Being a touring musician often means that your life is chaotic and lacks a comfortable routine. Spooky provides me with some much needed stability and helps me transition back to home life. There’s nothing more dependable than your dog’s love. I do feel guilt about leaving him for long stretches of time because now every time I leave the house it’s like Spooky doesn’t know if I’ll be gone for a few hours or a month. Luckily, I have so many generous friends who take care of him and love him as much as I do. He also gets lots of love from the touring bands who stay at my house. Spooky has made it onto so many bands’ instagrams.

Abby Hart (Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes)– My tiny little demon came into my life just at the right time. Funny enough I got her and her brother as a gift for my now ex boyfriend. Soon after we broke up, I was left with the most loveable and naughty little kitten that clung to me for her dear life; and I clung to her just the same. She has all the mannerisms of every single Sour Patch Kids commercial anyone has ever seen. I took this into consideration when I adorned her with her name. I’m into movies of all kinds, and felt that she must be named after a very naughty young child who happens to be a vampire, Eli. Eli is from the swedish movie “Let the Right One In”. I later read the book and to my surprise the name means “my God”. I find this perfectly apt and hilarious. I never knew how much a little feline companion could change my life. I guess, I will humbly say she saved my life. It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself through a pet. Yes, I am a crazy cat L A D Y. I have insane voices for her. I say things like “you’ve got a great booty” as ways I would assume I would want my own confidence built. She’s insane, just as I am insane. I was presented with a mirror when I met her. I realized I’m insanely clingy and need tons of affection. So, don’t let my independent, lone wolf, tough guy routine fool you. My biggest accomplishment is that I sing “Angel Baby” to her by Rosie and Originals and she responds and loves the song. What more could a mama ask for? I could implore for her to love me every second of her life, but she’s her own woman just as I am mine. She’s a perfect angel, booty girl, demon.

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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