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    Halloween Spooktacular Playlist

    Creep It Real! I’m the kind of person that would celebrate Halloween year round. I love the decor, the weather and the spookiness in the air! Here are some of my favorite Women in Rock Halloween hits.   Siouxsie and the Banshees- “The Staircase(Mystery)”– It couldn’t be Halloween without Siouxsie Sioux. This song from The Scream captures the very essence of creepy punk. Concrete Blonde– “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”– Perfect song to prowl around dark streets looking for your next victim. PJ Harvey– “Meet Ze Monsta”– The sexiest of Halloween songs, when you’re looking for your very own monster lover. Horrorpops– “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”– Psychobilly makes the perfect soundtrack…

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    A Q&A with Kid Congo Powers

    Kid Congo Powers, the ultimate legend agreed to be an honorary woman and do an interview before his show in Cincinnati at MOTR May 16, 2016. Izzi Krombholz: How did you get your start playing music? Was it truly with the Gun Club or had you dabbled before that? Kid Congo Powers: Not at all. I was a teenage rock n’ roll fan. I would hoodwink my sister into to taking me to shows. I always knew I wanted to be around music but I didn’t think it was a possible thing. I grew up in the 70s when rockstars were really rockstars. I didn’t think it was possible till…

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    Abby Hart of Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes Talks About the Band and Art

    It was a beautiful *almost* spring day when I drove to Indianapolis to meet up with bassist, Abby Hart of Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes. I met her at PNR Graphics where she works when she’s not on the road with Mr. Clit and we proceeded to a great sushi place to have lunch and chat about her start in music and upcoming adventures. Abby got her start playing music with her bandmate in Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes, David. David was in a horror punk band called Room 21 and taught her to play bass for that band. “I only knew how to play our songs, I…

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    10 Things I Learned About Poison Ivy (and The Cramps)

    It is no secret that I am a Cramps fanatic. In fact, when my band goes on tour I only wear Cramps t-shirts and I have a cat named Lux. There’s something about them that I just love. Manic and sultry, The Cramps exude rock n’ roll like no other. I read Journey to the Centre of the Cramps by Dick Porter and would like to share 10 interesting things I learned about my heroine Poison Ivy Rorschach and the Cramps. Poison Ivy has always been a bad girl. Born Kristy Wallace, her family moved a lot growing up so she never had time to make friends at her new schools. She said…

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    “Gothmobile” by Vampire Beach Babes

    I was hanging out with a group of friends the other night and Dylan put on a Spotify goth mix. I just happened to be lucky enough to get introduced to this band, Vampire Beach Babes. Their song, “Gothmobile” beyond tickled me. A mix of The B-52’s and The Cramps, I was immediately intrigued. They are from Toronto and are self pro-claimed “gothabilly.” “Gothmobile” may just be your new theme song when you’re driving around in your super cool hearse (don’t we wish).

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    10 Creepy Songs for Halloween

    Since Halloween is just days away and the creepy spirit is in the air, I thought it was an appropriate time to compile some of my favorite spooky songs. This list really does stem from my love for goth and dark music. With that being said, most of these songs are great year round when you feel like being dark and creepy! I did throw in a few Halloween gems though to get you ready for a night of tricks. 10. “Councillor” by Wazu– First of all, Wazu recently changed their band name to Vows. Anyway, do you like to get your goth on? Planning on wearing some huge boots…