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Wussy Alive and Kickin’ at MOTR

Wussy played at MOTR Friday night and the place was completely packed despite the icy rain that plagued all of Cincinnati.

Wussy has released four albums, their most recent being Strawberry which came out in October of 2011. They definitely have loyal fans; I was amazed at the number of people who knew every word to every song. Although I must admit, I do almost have all of the songs on Strawberry memorized.

Lisa Walker stood in between Chuck Cleaver (guitar/vocals), Joe Klug (drums) and Mark Messerly (bass/keyboards) and has such a genuine smile that captures your attention in a rock n’ roll way. They started off their set with a slower number “Waiting Room” only to be contrasted by the next song “Pulverized” which launched the room into a rock frenzy. Other memorable songs they played include “Asteroids,” “Funeral Dress,” “Fly,Fly,Fly,” “Mayflies” and “Grand Champion.” There really wasn’t a band one in the bunch. Towards the end of their set Wussy played the long time crowd pleaser “Rigor Mortis.”

Wussy is the kind of band that ensures longtime music fans that the rock scene in Cincinnati is not dead. Its places like MOTR and bands like Wussy that keep it alive.

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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