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Double song of the week: Metric and Berlin, 2 Bands You’d Like

Terri Nunn- Berlin

I’m a big fan of the 1st Wave station on Sirius XM radio. It was through 1st Wave that I first heard the song “The Metro” by Berlin and I was immediately hooked. There was something so catchy about the song yet it was slightly dark. And at once, I thought of Metric. So, if you’re a fan of Berlin and don’t know Metric, here’s some info. And vice versa!

Berlin is a new wave band that was formed in LA in 1978 and features the fabulous Terri Nunn. Berlin is a true synthpop band and is still around today. They released an album in 2013 called Animal. “The Metro” was released on their 1982 album, Pleasure Victim. 

Emily Haines- Metric

When I first heard “The Metro” I could hear the influences of Berlin on Metric, especially their song, “Dead Disco.” Metric is a synthpop band from Toronto. They formed in 1998 and are fronted by one of my favorite ladies, Emily Haines. “Dead Disco” is from their first official album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? released in 2003.

They almost look alike!! If you are a fan of Berlin and don’t know Metric, make sure to check them out and if you are a fan of Metric and don’t know Berlin, check them out! If you’re already a fan of both…. good for you!


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