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10 Sad Girl Songs for a Snowy Day

Back by popular demand is a Sad Girl Playlist for you to cry to this winter.

Are you tired of the cold? Do you look outside at the grey sky and feel no hope for tomorrow? Are you lonely but have no energy to go out and meet people? Well here is a playlist to comfort you…. or make you feel worse. Hopefully not the latter.

  1. “Hazy Shade of Winter” by The Bangles– Starting you off gently is the more upbeat cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s song. Their version is perfect for reflection on a grey snowy day, feeling nostalgic yet proactive. Maybe this song will inspire you to write a letter to someone from your past to brighten their gloomy day.

2. “Young and Cold” by The Raveonettes– Well it doesn’t get much bleaker than this beautiful tune by The Raveonettes. They speak of generally being “cold” in relationships. If you’re tired of being alone, this may be your new song.

3. “In the Cold Cold Night” by the White Stripes– This haunting tune that Meg happens to sing on is entirely sexy and devastating. While you sit in your cold apartment and wait for someone who’s no good to run to you, let this be your theme song.

4. “Winter” by- Tori Amos– Well you probably haven’t felt too sad in this playlist yet so I’m sorry if this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. There is something so magical yet sad about Tori Amos. This song is so beautiful, it gives me the chills.

5. “Winterlong” by the Pixies– Another great cover on this snowy day is this Neil Young song. This cover might actually be the tune to give you some hope if we’re making you too sad. Grab a pal and go play in the snow!

6. “The Size of Our Love” by Sleater-Kinney– Although not winter themed, this is the perfect sad girl song. The minimal instruments on this track make a beautiful song for a grey day. “Days go by so slowly,” and although days are shorter in the winter, doesn’t it always seem to drag on and on?

7. “The Last Goodbye” by the Kills– The perfect break up song. If you’re trying to end it with your honey on this snowy day, here’s a good way to say goodbye.

8. “Bridges and Balloons” by Joanna Newsom– There’s something about Joanna Newsom that’s other worldly. “Bridges and Balloons” is the song you want to listen to on your couch while gazing at the snow outside.

9. “Little Miami” by Wussy– Not an exact winter song but a beautiful one. This song always reminds me of the end of the year for some reason, looking back at the times you’ve had. And maybe “the sky breaks in two, and it’s the end of you” can symbolize the darkness of winter and the grey times ahead.

10. “Winter Song” by Nico- To end the playlist, here’s a classic song by Nico. I’m trying to go easy on you all this time… winter is hard enough already! I’m not trying to deepen your depression, just give you some good tunes for a cry.


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