Meeting Joan Jett

Well something very special happened to me on my recent family vacation to France! We were in the NYC airport for like 9 hours waiting for our flight to Nice, France. I was deeply engaged in my book when my dad came over to me and said, “Hey look, its an old punk band!” I looked up and there were a bunch of darkly clad punks at our same gate at the airport. He pointed out the women and said, “I think she’s the front women.” I looked at her and said, “Joan Jett.” And then I thought NOOOO it can’t be! How crazy! I kept trying to study her without being creepy. I’ve seen Joan Jett play twice so I definitely recognized her but I couldn’t be sure. So then, I did the creepiest 21st century thing to do. I looked up her tattoos on google. I looked back at her and said, that is definitely Joan Jett.

The MEETING:Joan and Izzi

So once you know this very important information, what do you do? Well I started freaking out. Duh, it’s only one of the all time greatest women in rock legends EVER. So my family pep talked me and finally my dad and I went over to her. She was so nice! So sincere and really really cool. Didn’t act like we were bugging her at all. I even got my picture with her! YAY ROCK LEGENDS! I LOVE ROCK N ROLL!!!!!


An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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