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Song of the Week: “W.D.M.R.S.” by We Are Hex

It’s seem like an appropriate week for “W.D.M.R.S” by We Are Hex to be the song of the week seeing as they’ll be playing at Black Plastic this Saturday, March 14th (although Friday the 13th would be a more fitting date for them). W.D.M.R.S is off of IMG_1311their most recent 45 and last time I saw We Are Hex, frontwoman, Jilly, told me all about the awesome song that features Jinx Dawson of Coven. Completely coincidentally, Jinx Dawson was recording at the same space after their session and Jilly asked if she would be up for adding some vocals to the beginning of the song. She agreed and the end result was something entirely evil and badass. This song should send chills down your spine. Make sure to see them play this Saturday. Local openers are the great and angry BABE RAGE.

Coven….RIYL Cincy’s very own Electric Citizen.

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