“What’s Her Name?” by Smoking Martha

“What’s Her Name?” by Smoking Martha

Apr 19, 2017


It’s amazing how my music taste changes with the seasons. In the winter, I’m all doom and gloom but as soon as it’s nice outside I want to listen to catchier more upbeat tunes.

The second single by Smoking Martha definitely takes me back to summers when I was in high school. “What’s Her Name?” is slightly reminiscent of Gwen Stefani/No Doubt or The Vincent Black Shadow, the right amount of heavy riffs with pop quality vocals. Smoking Martha of Brisbane, Australia is fronted by the dynamic Tasha D. Their debut album, In Deep, will be released at the end of May . This band has already toured with big names such as Cherie Currie and Seether. Check out their most recent release below!

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