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Jilly Weiss on the rebirth of We Are Hex

We Are Hex are back in action in a big way. Since their reformation this past winter, they have big plans for the summer.

Last June, I ran into Jilly Weiss, lead singer of We Are Hex at the Black Belles‘ show at the Comet. When I spoke with her, she was working on a new project. We agreed to do a Women in Rock interview to talk about the changes in her life. Well, a year later its finally happened and We Are Hex have reformed! Here’s what Jilly has to say about the rebirth:wearehex


IK: When did We Are Hex originally form?

JW: I have the world’s worst memory. I think we formed in 2007. The current lineup solidified in 2008 with Trevor and Matt joining the band. And we had our first full-length, Gloom Bloom out by spring 2009.
IK: Why did you all break up?
JW: We just needed a break and Matt may have briefly joined a cult. But he’s back. We had been touring hard, writing, recording, drinking, etc. We just needed to stop, refuel, and do other projects for awhile. We just aren’t one of those bands that can force it.  We’re better for it now.  The songs are pouring out of us and we’re really happy to be at it again.  Ready to make records and get back in the big blue van.
IK: How did the band get back together? Is this the original line-up?
JW: Matt and I were just doing a little experimental recording at his place and we talked about wanting to try we are hex again. And when we asked Trevor and Brandon, they were down.  First practice felt like we’d never stopped.
IK: What are your plans for the rest of the year? Who do you plan on recording with?
JW: We just recorded a 7″ which was mixed and produced by Jon Spencer. It comes out June 1 on Latest Flame Records.  Jon really made it shine.  He is a brilliant producer and we feel really honored to have worked with someone whose himself made such great records. Can’t wait for people to hear it.
We have about five other new songs written so we want to keep writing, work up to a full-length, and try and find someone to put it out.  We plan on playing out a ton this summer so we can try those new songs out and get our chops back.  So, we’ll probably be in the studio in the fall and early winter.
IK: Your sound is pretty dark, who are your musical influences?
Everyone in the band has such different taste in music.  I can’t speak for everyone. If I had to pick my main influences vocally, it would be Nick Cave and Mark E. Smith (of The Fall). In the van we just have a tape player. So our playlist looks something like: The Cure, NIN, AC/DC, Devo, Descendents, Sonic Youth, and then Brandon’s amazing mixed tapes.
IK: Who is your favorite woman in rock?
JW: A ton of the bands I listen to have women in them, but I don’t even think about it. I guess it’s because the women who play in bands that I like don’t use their gender or sexuality for marketing purposes, so it’s irrelevant. While I don’t think it should be a separate question from “who is your favorite person in rock,” I don’t want to be an asshole and avoid the question, so… Patti Smith.
IK: What is your favorite city to play shows?
JW: All of the fun is happening in Cleveland. Right. Now.
IK: Did you grow up in Indianapolis?
JW: We’re all from Indiana, but none of us are from Indy.  We’ve been there for five or six years though.
IK: When did you start writing songs?
JW: I think I’ve always written songs in my mind.  I started extracting them and placing them in punk rock format in 1999/2000.  In this band though we all write together, at the same time, building on each other’s ideas and changes.  That is my favorite thing in the world.
IK: What was the first rock show you went to?
JW: That would be Tom Petty in 1992 or 3. Hoosiers love to yell the line “with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights.”  Hmm… cover?
Be sure to check out We Are Hex’s new single, “Lewd Nudie Animals” and check back here for show announcements, etc.

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