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Song of the Week: “Because the Night” covered by Garbage and Screaming Females

It’s pretty damn hard to cover a Patti Smith song and do it well. Even harder to cover “Because the Night,” perhaps one of her most haunting and legendary songs, co-written with Bruce Springsteen. But it is another challenge entirely to do this while collaborating with another band. Garbage and Screaming Females teamed up this year for the ever popular record store day to make a limited 10-inch. Shirley Manson has always been an amazing Woman in Rock but this song definitely shows off Marissa Paternoster who is growing to be one of the strongest vocalists and guitarists around. Screaming Females have been a band for seven years and are from New Jersey where they excelled in the DIY scene. Be sure to check out this video of Garbage and Screaming Females recording this amazing version of “Because the Night.”

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