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Women in Rock. I’ve struggled with that title for over a year now. Feminism, something I was once so passionate about, has of late been a struggle for me.

First and foremost, I am a musician. I refused to be recognized as a chick drummer or any of that shit. I write songs, I’m a drummer, I’m a bassist, a guitarist… a whatever. But whatever that is I am a musician. What I want is gender equality in the music world.

I am an extremely fortunate human. My parents placed me in piano lessons at six. When I wanted to play percussion in 5th grade, they didn’t say, “No, girls don’t play drums.” They supported me whole-heartedly. In fact, they have never doubted me or my passion for music ever. That’s why music for me has never been about proving a point. Playing music is something I have to do because it keeps me alive.

I, like many other female musicians, have been a victim of sexism. I have been embarrassed by male staff at music stores many times. I’ve been treated like an idiot by male peers in my music community. Never once has this discouraged me. I used to get mad but now I simply find their ignorance humorous.

We are lucky to have so many great leaders to guide us. My goal is to tell their stories, to celebrate their lives, to introduce new heroines. These are women who identify as musicians and who write their songs because it’s who they are.

Women in rock.

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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