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What Corin Tucker and Other Women in Rock Want For Christmas!

I did a quick poll to see what Women in Rock want for Christmas. Here are some last minute ideas of what to get your rockin’ gal!

–Hey, Sleater-Kinney fan boys and girls! Corin Tucker says she would like any of the Electro Harmonix pedals.

–Ava Roberts of Black Planet and Sour Ground would like a Big Muff Pedal.

Okay, I’m seeing a theme… Electro Harmonix pedals are the way to go if you’re going to buy your gal a pedal.

–Emily Hagihara of Ancient Warfare would like a drum sampling pad so she can incorporate “more textural elements” to her band.

–Jen Shagawat of Shellshag would like 5a Natural Pro Mark drums sticks (that’s easy enough!).

If you’re a miracle worker or a big spender:

–Sarah Greenwell of Gymshorts would love to meet Andy Milonakis. That or an old Astro Van… you take your pick.


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