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In the Know- November 2017

November’s “In the Know” answers, Who was your first favorite woman in rock?





Cindy Wilson (The B-52s): Nancy Sinatra








Harper Clark (Spoiled Milk): Deborah Harry







Caroline Myrick (Prude Boys): Joan Jett







Nan Turner (Schwervon!): The first one I thought of is Corin Tucker as I’ve always loved her voice and she’s inspired me since her Heavens to Betsy days….she made it seem possible I could write songs and express myself in music. The other 2 women I thought of I actually know and it seems crazy to my younger self now! Ha! Frances Mckee of the Vaselines… and Kelley Deal – have toured with both of them and how they consistently create and live their lives is inspiring to me.

An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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