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In the Know- March 2016

Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. You spend a lot of time together, often in close quarters and share emotional material through the course of songwriting and performing. When it works out, it can be magic but when the wrong people are combined, it can be extremely volatile. March’s In the Know answers, “What do you look for in a good bandmate?”



Photo of Ashley Pooler by Ted Daroski
Photo of Ashley Pooler by Ted Daroski

Ashley Pooler (guitarist and vocalist of Skrt)- “I would say, what I look for in a good bandmate are the following: a passion for noise and weirdness, as well as a passion for performing. They must be kind hearted and caring. Because when you’re in a band, it’s not just you on the stage. You’re sharing a space, community and stories. And a strong sense of community is important. A band doesn’t make it off of good looks or shitty attitudes. (I mean we all know and love some that do, and it makes a love/hate relationship. But no one is happy when they find out one of their favorite musicians are a plain straight up jerk) that being said, you also gotta have a sense of humor, too. Knowing how to have fun while creating, drilling songs, and progressing together, is a staple for having that good bandmate.”




Photo of Larry Teevee by Ava Roberts

Larry TeeVee (bassist and vocalist of Pretty Pretty)- “Someone who can relate is important and who can also write songs. Personally I feel more confident knowing that someone else can add to my songs or like some of the pressure is off of me somehow.”






Alexandra Lee (guitarist and vocalist of Bonehead)- “Talent, style and dependability.”

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