Venus Flytrap Needs You!! And You Need To Know About This…

You know what’s a worthy cause? Supporting entertainment that has women to the front ruling their own worlds! Let me introduce you to Venus Flytrap, a rad web series about Women in Rock. It tells the story of a female punk band in a world run by the enemy (ahem, Mr. Trump). It is a queer-centric comedy promoting the strength of punk women. Venus Flytrap is made by Zami Girl Stories, written and directed by Adele Bertei and produced by Natalie Hill.

“Have you watched VINYL, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS, THE GET DOWN, ROADIES or THE MIGHTY BOOSH? What is missing in these shows? Why are the women always groupies, roadies, singing girl-group femmes or facilitators to the guys? The missing female musical rebellion that has always been here will rise again through our catalysts – punk rockers TINK(erbelle), JOEY, TASHA and DEE.”

Here’s the deal… if we want this series to exist, we have to support it. There is an Indie GoGo page where you can donate to make it happen and there are some pretty sweet rewards for donating. Plus, this badass series includes some of our Women in Rock favorites: Lydia Lunch, Alice Bag and Donita Sparks.

So, you can check out their trailer/Indie GoGo pitch. It’s stars so many cool people and is exactly what we need in our current day reality; comic relief from the reality of American politics and the promotion of women in rock. It’s a badass series that really needs to happen and you can help!


An avid rock musician and enthusiast as well as a rock history buff.

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