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The Liza Colby Workout Playlist

Liza Colby of The Liza Colby Sound was kind enough to put together a workout so some day we might look as great as she does. This workout is a magazine exclusive so order your copy today! However, here is her intro to the workout along with her favorite workout playlist!

From Liza: “First lemme say if I never had to workout I wouldn’t. I would love to live my Rock and Roll life on a strict burrito, burger, taco, pizza, Chinese food, sour patch kids, starburst, skittle, haribo gummy bear diet. I do not have that luxury.  Vanity is a bitch. I’ll admit that being in a leotard a minimum of five times a month does motivate me to get my workout in. I do however have a kick ass trainer (Jill Livoti) who is one of my closest friends. I have been lucky enough to work with her for almost 10 years. I see her once a week and the two of us have tried to hone in on what feels the best for me and gets best results given my tricky gig schedule. We have put together some of my favorite go to exercises that make me stoked even on the days where I JUST DON’T WANNA!

That being said, the biggest change for me the past two years has been my diet. I started sending what I was eating to Jill. I didn’t want to believe her… but it’s true abs ARE made in the kitchen.”

Photo by James Hartley

The Playlist:

The Kinks- I Gotta Move:


The Soft Boys-Underwater Moonlight:


Ten Year After- Stoned Woman:


The Stooges – Loose:


Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band-Zig Zag Wanderer:


James Gang- The Bomber:


The Velvet Underground- Foggy Notion:


Photo by Johan Vipper Delancey

Heart- Straight On:


Iggy Pop- Woman Dream:


The Go Go’s – Our Lips Are Sealed:


Listen on spotify here:

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