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    The Wisdom and Power of White Mystery; An Interview with Miss Alex White

    I first met Miss Alex White of White Mystery back in 2012 when the band was on tour with the legendary Shonen Knife. I was blown away with White Mystery’s energy and immediately became a fan. At the time, the band was touring almost 365 days a year. “We would look at a year being a collection of 365 days and our goal was to fill every one of those days with shows,” Alex explained. From the start, Alex and brother, Francis, have looked at White Mystery from the business angle with every detail thoughtfully planned. They’ve never had management or a label and are true examples of DIY. “Back…

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    “Best Friend” by White Mystery

      A gem from White Mystery’s new album, Outta Control, “Best Friend” is a catchy tune to get your week started! The mid tempo song on the sibling’s fifth album is perfect for porch hangs with no doubt, your best friends. The rock n’ roll duo from Chicago has been putting out great music since 2008. Miss Alex White is a crazy smart rock n’ roll business woman who put out her very own guitar pedal called the “Firekeeper” earlier this year. White Mystery is one of the hardest working bands out there and they continue to grow in strength with their new album, Outta Control.      Check out some…

  • In the Know

    In The Know- February 2016

        As a Valentine’s Day follow up, February’s In The Know answers: What do you watch out for when meeting a potential significant other at a show?     Miss Alex White (guitarist and vocalist of White Mystery)- “The most important thing in looking for a potential date at a show is the person’s behavior. Are they dancing? Are they talking with friends? Or are they belligerently drunk and pushing people around in the moshpit? I love respectful people who know when to keep their hands to themselves and also know how to communicate that they are interested in getting to know one another.” Also, check out this link…

  • Concert Reviews


    I was lucky enough to attend Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend and saw some extremely legendary Women in Rock as well as some newer acts! It was a three day music overload and I loved every minute of it… except for the nonstop rain on Sunday. Nonetheless, it was an amazing time. Here are some brief show reviews of the Women in Rock at Riot Fest! DAY 1: Joan Jett & the Blackhearts– Joan Jett played to an amazingly packed crowd of people. She still looks great and sounds great and is as enthusiatic as ever. The Blackhearts played all their hits including, “Cherry Bomb,” “Bad Reputation,” “I Love…

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    Catching up with Alex White of White Mystery

    White Mystery returns to Cincinnati this Thursday, May 2, to play MOTR for the first time. A lot has happened since they last played Cincinnati in September. Miss Alex White and I chatted the other day to catch up on some of the new and exciting White Mystery happenings! On 4/20, they released their 3rd full length album, Telepathic. Already this year, White Mystery has played 57 shows in 10 weeks. IK: So tell me about Telepathic, your process in both creating it and releasing it. AW: Well its the 3rd album written, recorded, produced and released by White Mystery. We recorded it in Oakland, California at the Creamery with Greg Ashley.…

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    New Year, here’s some White Mystery news!!

    Chicago based White Mystery siblings are releasing their new album, Telepathic, on April, 20! I couldn’t be more excited. “Secret Garden” is available for streaming here. And if that isn’t enough to satisfy your White Mystery cravings you should probably check out their teaser video for the album now!!! Alex and Francis are getting ready to head over to Europe to spread their musical wisdom this month, but don’t worry, they’ll be back touring the US soon enough! Check out their tour dates here. I love WHITE MYSTERY and so should YOU!!!!!

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    Song of the Week: “Hurricane” by The Coathangers

      It’s been awhile since I posted a Song of the Week but after my recent interview with Alex White of White Mystery, I can’t help but share my new favorite song. She mentioned a band called The Coathangers and said that I had to check them out. I came across their song “Hurricane” and have been playing it on repeat since then. With a punk rock edge that borders on insanity, it’s hard not to like these ladies. “Hurricane” was released on their most recent album Larceny & Old Lace in 2011.   The band started out as “an excuse to hang out and play parties” and I’m sure glad they…

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    An Exclusive Interview with Miss Alex White of White Mystery

    "I believe in equality and strength and sisters doing it for themselves. All people have the right to express themselves and should be willing to do your own thing no matter what it is. People will say to me “you’re so good for a girl” and it doesn’t bother me because I’m probably exposing them to female musicians where they other wise wouldn’t get to experience it."