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In The Know- February 2016



As a Valentine’s Day follow up, February’s In The Know answers:

What do you watch out for when meeting a potential significant other at a show?



Alex White (Photo by Diane Alexander White)
Alex White (Photo by Diane Alexander White)

Miss Alex White (guitarist and vocalist of White Mystery)- “The most important thing in looking for a potential date at a show is the person’s behavior. Are they dancing? Are they talking with friends? Or are they belligerently drunk and pushing people around in the moshpit? I love respectful people who know when to keep their hands to themselves and also know how to communicate that they are interested in getting to know one another.” Also, check out this link for the exclusive White Mystery guitar pedal!!




Andrea Melnyk (drummer of Gnat)-“Well I always go to shows firstly for the music, but of course, I would love to meet a significant other at a show because my heart is with the music. I would be interested in someone who shares the same love and fascination. The greatest thing is to see someone as overcome and transcended by the tunes as I am; and definitely not someone who is just there to party or get laid. The person would also have to show a tender, genuine, and always respectful interest in me as a person, beyond appearances and environment. Naturally those things would be the doors to the encounter, but the right person would hold the key and understanding wisdom to unlock the shared soul within.”


Cami Alvarez of Period Bomb
Cami Alvarez of Period Bomb

Cami Alvarez (frontwoman of Period Bomb)- “I’ve always been a performer trapped in a kinda strict society so venues are always my much needed outlet space. I’ve never seen it as “safe,” in fact I‘m attracted to it for its wild dangerous vibe. I love mosh pits. Very cathartic for me. Usually one thing or another happens there that makes it the height of my emotion for the week. It’s hard to know how I actually feel when I’m in the moment like that. Trying to get past my euphoria to answer very basic questions some dude wants to ask me in exchange for a $6 beer has only once or twice ever proved worth it so in conclusion I’d say personally I don’t really meet significant others at shows. That being said, I’m not that interested in anyone right now so I’m sure that accounts for a lot of my luck or lack thereof, but I would never want to discourage young punks from show romance! My advice is whatever you do just stay true.”


Veronique Allaer (guitarist and vocalist of Leggy)- “Things I think about when I see a cutie at a show: Is he on his phone a lot? This is a major turn off. Is he having fun or does he look “too cool”? Aloofness is a bummer! What’s dat boy sippin on?? Is he making eyes at me too? This is the biggest plus. Flirting is fun!”

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